Cuffed-an erotic story by m.


When you enter you notice a shoe lying in the middle of the floor. A pump with a high stiletto heel. Just one.
In the living room, you find a sexy string on the couch, nonchalantly thrown into a corner.
You pick up the thong and let the fine fabric glide through your fingers.
You're wondering what this means, what's going on. You look around, searching.
A little further lies my tight skirt.
There are two champagne glasses on the coffee table. An empty one and a full one. You put the full glass to your mouth, taste it.
Your hand feels the round shape of the coupe. Smiling, you remember that apparantly the glass was shaped to a woman's bossom.

You walk on and find a thin stocking. A nude-coloured suspender stocking.
You follow the trail, deeper into the house and come across a beautiful suspender belt.
In the meantime you are very curious about what you'll find when you continue the path.
First you see my thin blouse. Then you're standing in front of the bedroom door, which is slightly ajar.
You stand there, listening. You don't hear anything.

You push the door open.

You're surprised. Speechless.
I'm lying on the bed. I am wearing one stocking, one high heel. An open cup bra. My left nipple covered by a golden pastie.
Around my wrists you notice the leather cuffs. The gold chain that connects the cuffs is attached to the head of the bed.
You look at my legs, one naked, the other wrapped in a sheer stocking.
Your gaze moving to my naked hips and my lower body. Then to my breasts, natural and only slightly lifted by my open bra.

Although I seem powerless, naked and chained, I take the initiative.
First I command you to undress. Your tie and your shirt, your shoes and socks. Your pants. Your tight boxers.
I can tell that you're getting quite aroused. I am powerless and yet you do everything I want.
I let you caress and kiss my left leg - the stockinged one.
You take my soft breasts in your strong hands, kiss them, gently bite them.
I have you in my power.

My cuffed hands can't spoil you, so I make you come closer, even closer.
My lips and tongue feel and taste your delectable throbbing manhood, so warm and hard.
But you can not let yourself go yet.
I send you to the foot of the bed, and then you lift up my stockinged, high-heeled leg high.
You don't hesitate and move up half way between my legs and roughly let me gasp for air.
I can't go anywhere. My one stockinged leg high against your shoulder, your muscular arm around it.
My hands are still handcuffed above my head.
Nailed to the bed by your delicious, hard, brute shaft.
I am powerless, at your mercy.
Take me, possess me.
I want it.


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