Distraction in lace


So I crossed the street and when I stood in front of the building, I started counting the windows to figure out where my mystery photographer with the gorgeous smile was hiding out. Third window, top floor, left from the entrance.

While I stood there in the soft warmth of the morning sun, I tried to think of what I was going to say to him and in which manner….

I watched people pass by and I was still deep in thought, when I got distracted by this one lady who was wearing this magnificent black lace little dress. Just as she was approaching and my eyes focussed a little more, I noticed that underneath she wore a golden slip dress. That looks like the perfect little outfit for that lavish bash I am planning to go to!

I stopped the woman in her tracks and I complimented her on her attire. Then I asked her where she acquired this beautiful little mix of elegant dresses.

With flair, she explained that the outer dress is from designer brand Amoralle and the gold and black dress underneath is from a collection of Marjolaine. She even told me in which lingerie boutique I can lay my hands on it. I thanked her for enlightening me, she gave me a smile and continued her journey.

Stunning! Absolutely stunning! How ravishing one can look in lingerie as outerwear! After breakfast, me, Ms. Pleasurements, will go on a wee shopping spree!

IF breakfast will end today that is……

So first things first. My tummy is rumbling a lil’......from hunger? Or is it more like a flutter caused by the anticipation of meeting this mystery man and his intoxicating smile?

With Pleasure, Ms. P.