An erotic poem by a.



2020, early springtime, Easter, it was all so strange
Inside looking out, a view that was quite out of range
I was trying hard to keep it together, trying to relax
And all my thoughts kept veering towards sex

lying on the sofa, my mind wanders far off as I close my eyes
I am lying in a succulent spring meadow, nudely, I fantasize
I writhe a bit in this Edenish garden between luscious flora
My naked body being warmed by the rays of the sun's aura

In the bushes, there is a man, dressed up as an Easter bunny
Looking my way with a croaked smile, sexy but also rather funny
He slowly walks my way while taking off his daft garb, so revealing
Off with his plush fur, a naked torso showing, ravishingly appealing

He says he is looking for a spot to hide his last two Easter eggs
I reply with "I know just the place" and I slowly spread my legs
He drops his furry bottom-half and descents himself over me
His lips find mine, tasting one another, sweet flavors like honey

My nimble fingers find his eggs, giving them a gloriously good fondling
He moans with delight, his manhood rock-hard, an erection like a king
Wetting his fingers between my nether lips, then he sucks them with vigor
Now he plunges himself inside me, his penis seems to grow even bigger

I oust a squeal as he thrusts and thrusts deep inside my lusty beckoning vulva
We're in the throws of all this passion, dripping with sweat and our own saliva
Faster he rocks, then we explode, sun beaming down on our liquid sex-gleam
Panting, I wake, fingers between my loins, covered in my Easter cummings-cream


Stay inside
Stay safe
Let fantasies flow


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest