Easter honey-bunny


Easter, Eostre or Ostara

First of all, Easter also symbolizes something else, something other than the Christian resurrection or rebirth story.
It overlaps the story of Eostre, Ostara or Eastre, who is the goddess of light and brings fertility to spring.
And Eostre is also the root of many words like oestrogen but also of the word for oestrus, which is the time of an animal's sexual cycle when it is fertile.

Where does the bunny come in?

There're many theories on the Easter bunny front, but the most common one we come across is that this goddess lady, Ostara, found a bird with frozen wings and to save it, she transformed it from an egg-laying bird into an egg-laying hare or bunny.
In return, the bunny became her messenger and by way of thanking her, this bunny laid coloured eggs.
Also, the bunny itself as well as eggs, generally symbolizes fertility, procreation and rebirth and the bunny is regarded as a rather sexy bundle of fluff if you ask me…

So, what about these Pleasurements Easter goodies?

What has Pleasurements got for you to celebrate this Easter indoors with of course a lush erotic vibe?
Well, we've managed to conjure up some old faves by Maison Close! Like the Bunny mask (which comes with a fluffy lil' bunny tail too).
And of course we've got some eggcellent eggs for you…
Intimate eggs by the greatly esteemed French erotic jewelry maker Sylvie Monthulé!
So, where shall we hide these eggs then?

Next to these erotic, sexy items, Pleasurements of course has lots of luxurious things to go with these Easter-ly themed goods.
Just to give you an inkling, we recently stocked up on many deliciously gorgeous items by Maison Close, like the Pure Tentation Bodysuit
It won't go amiss wearing this delectability, underneath that gloriously sexy bunny mask.

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