See-through dresses and fetish wear by patrice catanzaro


Erotic Clothing by Patrice Catanzaro

Patrice Catanzaro is quite the legend when it comes to erotic clothing & fetishwear.
He designs and creates so many stunning things in his studio in France!
Classy, ​​but deliciously erotic fetish clothing that is so stylish that it takes no effort to pair it with your outerwear for a slick, lingerie-inspired look.
(Faux) leather, lacquer, lace, translucent mesh are cast in the most erotic clothing designs by Patrice Catanzaro, which you as a fetishwear-lover only want to show off.

New, Naughty and Stylish Fetishwear by Patrice Catanzaro

Pleasurements is a fanatic follower of all the delicious goodies that come out of the studio of Patrice Catanzaro...
It is therefore not surprising that the erotic clothing collections by Patrice Catanzaro have swelled with delicious new items at Pleasurements, including a ravishing top, a see-through dress, leather-look skirt, a see-through catsuit and so many more delights in the delectable fetish clothing realm!

Come and see mes chéries, indulge and submerge yourself in Patrice Catanzaro's super sexy erotic clothing!