Nurturing my nature

I felt like those begging embroidered roses on my see-through dress
Butterflies in my belly, springs' sunny, pheromonal loved-up caress
My skin is goose bumping, an undeniable flutter, how lascivious I feel
Ready to steal a heart or two, passionately motivated, with lewd zeal

My moist tender flower is beckoning to be pollinated by a hive of honey bees
It'll give me all to florish and bloom, giving my pulsating petals that peace
Come, nurture my nature, make me blossom and flush a sunkissed blush
My bee-stung-like pink lil' bud is lusting after your touch, my lush crush

I Spill my nectar, shimmering shiny droplets of that ambrosial liquid just for you
Seducing and luring you in, offering myself, lusting, craving your sticky pollen goo
I feel you buzzing closer and landing on my pining pistil with a vibrating graze
Yes, oh yes, get your sucker on and in me and harvest my delight, set me ablaze

The act of self-love, natural fantasies of reaping all for your horny honey, is blooming
Nourishing even, give life and live, even if it's a fleeting moment, but ever lust-consuming
So, how natural it is to be inspired by this rose-clad see-through dress
To feel this lustfully randy, with a high, ready to climax by my own caress


o0o An erotic poem by A. o0o

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