Erotic story by m.


Please Boy…

I am not allowed to say anything about it really.
A highly exclusive erotic party. Private, chic, by invitation only.
With the assurance that, whatever happens tonight, will remain behind closed doors.
So exciting, extravagant, and tastefully erotic.

Alright then…just a small impression… as long as it'll stay among us.

A secluded villa with breathtaking modern architecture. Lots of glass, sleek design, yet comfortable with a great ambiance.
An environment where everything is allowed and nothing is obligated. A mix of classical - and dance music provides the evening with an almost religious mood.
In the dim light, I see well-dressed men, beautiful women in lingerie and revealing clothes. Stylish, exclusive.
Look, admire, show yourself. Physically, but perhaps even more, spiritually.

I myself wear the beautiful transparent Inspiration Divine dress from Maison Close. With sexy nylon stockings, classic high heels. Nothing else. A very arousing sensation…
The transparent fabric of the dress shows plenty, my stockinged legs, my buttocks, my natural swaying bosom.
A lush dress to show off my femininity, to let myself be admired, to be desired.

I speak to a young woman who's wearing striking high heels on her feet with clearly readable, provocative texts on them. On one pointy toe, I read "please boy", on the other "lick me".
A beautiful man, very muscular, with an impressive naked torso, walks up to me, gives a compliment. He speaks English with an American accent.
A bit further I see a slim woman, her back turned to me. She seems to be wearing only high heels and a small thong. Colorful glitter and sequins are glistening up her naked, round bum.
When she turns around laughing, I see that a striking necklace does not completely cover her small, firm breasts.

A voluptuous lady in a tight pencil skirt and a corset, her impressive chest revealed, proudly and confidently shows off her delightful curves.
She sees me looking at her, smiling and shouting: "I absolutely love that dress!"

Gradually the atmosphere becomes looser, more intimate. I see more naked skin, breasts, male excitement.
A beautiful dark-skinned woman and a handsome slender man are completely absorbed with one another. A moment later I see them in each other's arms, slowly and intensely enjoying one another.
The lady with the provocative pumps is leaning back halfway, her beautiful legs spread.
An almost naked man has apparently responded to her urgent request.
Everywhere around me I see men and women, women and women, in conversation, making love and reveling.

I feel hands on my hips. A familiar scent, a familiar voice in my ear. We are both pleasantly titillated by the relaxed erotic ambiance.
We are looking for a comfortable place on the impressive, almost circular lounge sofa. We are not the only ones on there.
I feel the thin fabric of my tight dress slide up, above the edge of my stockings.
Even higher, above my buttocks.

His hands glide over my stockings, softly crackling. His lips gently taste my naked tushy.
My tummy is naked, his a little later too. I know we are being watched, but the idea that there are spectators excites me even more.
His gloriously handsome manhood glides along my leg, up my delicate stocking. I turn on my side, lift one leg a little.
Slowly, magnificently big he enters me, and again, deeper, and again, until we find a slow, intoxicating rhythm.
I whisper horny words, encouraging him, let my soft bosom sway under the thin lace of my dress.
He sees them, grabs a handful of lace-covered boobs.
Suddenly, unexpectedly quick, I feel him exploding inside of me, but I'm not there yet.
I let him savor the moment, then I kiss his lips, and order him to:
"Please boy, lick me …"


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest