An erotic story by m.


The Christmas gift

I attach the clips of the Inspiration Divine suspender by Maison Close. There are striking golden suspender clips on the end of the straps.
Thin nylon stockings with a gold-colored backseam give my long legs a nice, subtle sheen.
My new stilettos with golden heels match nicely. Sexy, sweet. And super high.

I go for the 'Le Petit Secret' open bra, also by Maison Close. So little material: delicate lace, a few straps, and yet so much effect.
The bra emphasizes the natural shape of my breasts, making them appear fuller and heavier. I remove the collar from the bra and attach the James Plus jewel from Edge O 'Beyond to the shoulder straps.
The golden chains give my cleavage a beautiful sparkle. A few gold-plated metal pasties cover my nipples.
The knee-length Bare Dress by Murmur is very transparent, it doesn't hide anything. The thin fabric lies over my skin like a subtle shadow.
I feel like a very sexy, exclusive Christmas gift, sublimely wrapped. Chic, luxurious, extravagant.

When I enter the living room, I see that you have taken care of our Christmas dinner. Not a copious meal, but with lovely spicy snacks. Delectable, sweet and hot like love.
A delicious glass of sparkling wine. After the first sip, I already feel light in my head. Or is it because of the tension, the anticipation for the rest of the night?

We force ourselves to be patient, to postpone satisfying our desires for a little while. I enjoy the sight of your muscular shoulders and arms, underneath the thin white shirt.
You're also feasting your eyes, I notice. I enjoy it when you look at me like that, full of admiration, proud, eager.
Gazing at my long, shiny legs, the wafer-thin stockings, my towering heels.
My breasts, loosely swaying when I move something. Soft and wonderfully heavy, hardly supported by my daring open bra.

You stand up, stand behind me and kiss me in my neck.
You start to loosen my dress. I also stand up and patiently let you get on with it, until the dress is on the floor around my feet.
I feel your hands, you lift my breasts, holding them firmly. Kneading them, feeling my softness, exquisite.
It's arousing me so much to feel your body against mine, your hands eagerly gliding over my curves.
I want more sweetness and sizzling hotness.
I want you.

I turn around, help you take off your shirt and pants. I follow every movement of your supple, sporty body. Your lovely flat belly, your tight round buttocks.
My hand finds your roused manhood. Teasingly, I drag my hard, sharp nails over your balls, take them in my hand.
I lower myself, go through my knees, close my red-lipsticked lips around the top of your handsome manhood. I taste your heat, your salty dew.
I want to take you in my mouth as far and deep as I can. You are so big and hard. I try again, even further, take you almost all the way.
Your breathing and a suppressed moan tell me how much you are relishing this.
I let you enjoy it, long and deep.

Just before the moment arrives when you can no longer restrain yourself, I stop. I stand up and lean forward over the table.
Aroused, I whisper: "Come on, babe…time for your Christmas gift…"


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