An erotic story by m.


New stockings

We soon have to go and as usual, I am not even completely dressed. I am wearing the Kew Bondage Harness by Bordelle: lots of black straps, clips and golden rings. But otherwise completely exposed. The dress that I will put on hangs on a hanger from the wardrobe. On the bed, just behind me, are the Bodice bra by Bordelle and a pair of new black stockings.

You've showered, you are standing next to me, still naked and steam is still rising from your body. I see you look at my bum, at my breasts. You press a kiss in my neck, whisper that I look good. You take a stocking off the bed, let the delicate, transparent nylon slide through your hands. You press your muscular body against me, you pull the stocking under my breasts. Teasingly lifting them up, loosely making them sway. The tight stocking in your powerful hands lets you feel how soft and heavy my breasts are. I find them too heavy myself, but you think they are wonderfully sexy.

You put the ends of the stocking over each other, making a knot that you slowly pull tighter. My full breasts are pressed tightly together. You look at me but I say nothing, I don't protest. For you that is an encouragement to tighten the stocking even further. You tie another knot, very tight, and admire my constricted bosom, full, round and taut. With your eyes and with your hands. My breasts are so sensitive now, a bit sore even. Delicious.

I turn halfway, reach for the other stocking on the bed and lift it up between my fingertips. I let the other end glide over your erection. I can tell by the intense tightening of your abs that you can feel that. I tease you a little more, then push you back on the bed. I wind the stocking around the base of your handsome penis, and around your balls, then I tighten it. Very tight. And I tie it. holding the other end of the stocking.

I see your proud member getting even bigger, harder, noticed the veins swell. I firmly pull on the stocking, forcing you to get up again. I get into my pumps, which are next to the bed. The stiletto heels give me twelve centimeters extra length. I am now taller than you. Not much, but just enough. I turn around, taking a few steps, walk around the bed. I pull you along, you have to follow me. I sit on the edge of the bed, pull on the stocking until you are right in front of me. I lean forward, close my lips around your throbbing erection, taste, lick, suck. I've never seen you so aroused, so big and hard.

I turn around, sit on hands and knees on the bed, my stiletto heels threateningly pointing in your direction. I still hold the stocking in my hand, between my slightly spread legs. I pull, forcing you onto the bed too, compelling your stiff penis and your balls to come between my legs. I command you to enter me, you must obey. I am shocked when I feel how huge and hard you are.

I want you to take me, the stocking in my hand indicates the rhythm, every jerk ever harder, faster. We are so aroused that it doesn't take long. I give the stocking a hard jerk, I am not letting you escape. I feel your strong body wringing and turning but you're being forced to stay in me. Despite the tight stocking around your masculinity, I insist you to unload your sperm, everything you have, and I scream it out when I cum myself too.

A few minutes later I look at the delicate nylon stockings and see that they have miraculously survived our wild shenanigans.
You're lying next to me, still reveling. I look at you with a smile while I carefully roll up a stocking and put my left foot into it.
"Fortunately my stockings are still as new…I can still wear them to the reception…".


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