Erotic poem by a.


Sweet music and strappy erotic lingerie

Suspenders, its elastic straps taut against my thighs
Come, come close and play me like a guitar until sunrise
I hanker for your fingers to pluck at all my straps ‘n strings
Playing my body, hitting every note, erotic melodious flings

The tension of the suspenders tighten, as I spread my legs wide
Our tunes in tune, in sync, we sing, moan and wail with delight
His big meaningful lyrics rock my body hard, horizontally I dance
The beat picks up, the rhythm intense, we go wilder in our romance

Deep, deeper, moans, we are lost in the frenzy of our steamy ballad
And he strums on, playing the strings of my erotic lingerie ever so avid
We hit every key, picking up the volume in harmony we rock and buck
Here comes the high note, we ooze to the music of our melodious f***


Images: Pleasurements, Pinterest