Erotic story by m.


Reclining nude

It isn't busy at the museum; a few people slowly walk through the halls and corridors. The ambience is dominated by a sense hush-ness and tranquility. The clicking of my high heels seems deafeningly loud.
I feel pleasantly tense and excited. I am looking for the painting of which he apped me a picture. Hopefully I find it in time.

Suddenly I recognize it: smaller than I expected, but unmistakably the same painting as the one on the screen of my phone. A reclining nude.
This is genuinely so fitting for him, to choose this place for a secret meeting. In public, where everyone can see us, and yet unnoticed.
I don't see him yet, but I know he must be there too. Very close probably.
Of course I am prepared for anything. Under my black wrap dress I am wearing my new lingerie by Studio PIA. Beautiful transparent fabric, with black graphics in the shape of a tangle of snakes. Exotic, dangerously seductive.

I hear footsteps. I see him standing on the other side of the room. Well dressed, in a slim-fitting suit, without a tie. Casual, stylish.
We do not show any recognition, we don't look at each other. We don't need to do that. We both know why we are here. Suddenly I feel him next to me. I smell his scent, aromatic, fresh, sharp.
I look to the side; our glances cross. I see the seduction in his eyes that I know so well. His sharp jaw line. His lips, which have explored every inch of my body.

He turns his gaze to the painting we're both standing in front of. Impressionistic, almost roughly painted, with large strokes and little detail, but therefore very powerful.
Without looking at me, he remarks, almost whispering: "It's great that the painter can put so much feeling into it, so much passion…"
Smiling, I answer: "I think the model was the painter's mistress."

Again that sultry look. I look up again at the reclining nude and slowly walk towards the next room. He stops. Just before I enter the room, I notice that he's on the move now too. I feel a sensation of tension in my tummy. A thick cord hangs in front of a passage on one of the sides of the room. I look around me; I don't see anyone. I step over the cord and walk into the half-dark room, then I turn another corner.

For a few seconds it stays quiet, I can only hear my own heartbeat. In a flash, I notice a small green light above my head. The emergency exit?
Then he is suddenly there too. I feel his warm body, his arms around me. A long, greedy kiss. My wrap dress is loose in a few quick moves; I let it glide to the floor.

He admires the beautiful longline Naga bra, my lovely full cleavage. I push my bra cups down, rest my breasts on them.
I want him to grab and kiss them and oh yeah, just like that…!

His hand slithers down. I am wearing the suspenders with the straps fastened to resemble a beautiful open brief. His fingers are feeling around, searching, groping, finding. I am getting so hot, I sizzle, getting impatient. I'm looking for the button of his trousers. My hand slides under the elastic band of his tight boxer, I free him, feel his arousal, big and hard. His strong hands hold me tight, turn me around, push me firmly against the wall. I spread my long legs and press my buttocks against his loins. We make love, hurriedly and intensely, and the release is hot and intense. I have to restrain myself from shouting it out.

He's already dressed, kisses me in my neck and whispers a few sweet words. A goodbye, temporary; a promise.
When I come back to my senses, my eyes look towards the green light above my head again. Now that my eyes are used to the dark, I can see what it is.
A security camera.

I Smile, blow a kiss at the camera before I pick up my wrap dress from the floor.


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest