Erotic story by m.


Tomorrow Night

Sitting on the couch, my legs pulled up and my tablet on my lap, I curiously look at the new lingerie collections in the webshop.
I swipe through the latest sets until my eyes fall on a collection of delectable bras, thongs, briefs and other gorgeous items, made from beautiful black lace and buttery soft leather.
Refined design, decadent and powerfully erotic.
The Koressia collection by Loveday London.
Breathtakingly stunning.
I'm sure you would love this. If I show you, you would immediately picture how all that beauty embellishes my body.
For you, lingerie is decoration, a work of art that is meant to accentuate and show off my forms, not to conceal them.

I could give you a hint tonight, as I often do. Subtle, or slightly less subtle. Show you what I found in my favorite webshop.
Ask if you think it would look nice on me, while I give you a good view down my silky nightdress. Maybe not that subtle, but it almost always works.
Often an exciting gift follows a few days later.
Sometimes I am still surprised by what emerges from the luxury packaging. You are a bit headstrong…but that makes it so exciting.

I myself would choose the eye-catching plunge bra, for a voluptuous cleavage, wrapped in delightful black lace.
You would certainly prefer the open bra. The underwires that push my soft bosom slightly forward, the fine lace that accentuates the natural shape of my breasts, but covers almost nothing.
And you would certainly go for the beautiful suspenders so that I can wear alluring nylon stockings.
For you, a lingerie ensemble is only complete with a pair of stockings that flatter my long legs and gives them a subtle shine.
The open string is enchantingly beautiful: boldly exposing, yet very chic and luxurious. Irresistibly sexy.

This time I'm going to surprise you with a gift. I am curious how you will react if I show you these beauties unexpectedly.
I go for the suspenders and that divine, exciting open string. A tingling sensation rushes through my lower body when I imagine wearing it, showing you my nakedness, inviting, provocative.
I want to see you getting aroused by me. Your naked body visibly craving me, lusting for the nudity that the open string reveals. You will get very aroused.
For a moment I still have doubts about the bra, but then I order the beautiful plunge bra. More covered, less daring than the open bra, and yet very sexy.
A woman with class does not immediately reveal everything.
I want to see your manly lust grow steadily, but uncontrollably so.
Moreover, I have a suspicion that you will soon want to see the entire collection in the webshop, and that your eye will fall on the open bra.
But I leave that up to you.
I do however add the lace cuffs to my cart: an extra naughty, kinky touch.

And new stockings, of course. Classic-looking black nylon stockings. Perfectly suited to the Loveday London lace and leather lingerie.
I imagine how first your eyes, and then your hands, glide along my smooth, shiny legs, from my high heels up the way, to the upper edges of the stockings.
I almost feel your lips exploring my soft skin above my nylons, higher and higher, towards the inviting open string.

A flurry of excitement and anticipation makes my whole body glow while I place the order.
Fortunately, I don't have to wait long until I can surprise and seduce you.

Tomorrow night.


Images: Pleasurements