Erotic story by m.


Love Isn't Blind

We're at our friends place tonight. He is a study buddy, and I know her - only since very recent- through him. She's lively, cheerful and adventurous. A slender, sporty body. She's got class, but she also exudes something naughty. Something that makes me very curious.

We just finished a fantastic dinner on the terrace, and are now sprawled on the lounge sofa, accompanied by a cool glass of wine. The men decide they want to go and see a new movie, an American blockbuster, a disaster movie. She makes it obvious she doesn't fancy it, and I actually don't wanna go either. It's a sultry night; that cool glass of wine is absolutely delicious. The men propose they will go without us. She wraps an arm around me, she pouts and says: "Well, then we need tp entertain each other..." Her boyfriend starts laughing. A bit later we hear the door slam shut.

She turns to me and totally unexpected, she kisses me on the mouth. Warm, soft, full, sweet. I am surprised, but I quickly surrender and relish this luscious long kiss. We look at each other, with curiosity. "I have been wanting to do that for a while now", she says. "You should never suppress something like that." She smiles, happily and relaxed.

Now I take the initiative. Again, I taste her sweet lips. My hands glide over her firm tushy. I give it a soft squeeze. I can feel her hands on my hips, then higher, she's at the zipper of my dress. I feel for the buttons on her sheer blouse. Black fabric, a brastrap adorned with little golden rings. Small firm curves, soft skin. I feel fingertips delicately slither over my back. Goosebumps, despite the heat. A nimble hand pushes the left cup of my bra down; I can feel my breast spill over its edge... Our eyes, our hands, lips exploring warm skin, diaphanous lace, a nipple, my smooth thigh.

A little pause. Relishingly, gazing at one another, full of admiration. With her indexfinger she lowers the strap of my Bordelle bra. "We shop in the same lingerie boutique..." Her black string now embellishing her ankle, just above her Italian pump. I can see the label now. "Love isn't blind", I whisper. I push her backwards, slowly I bent forward; My mouth find her ever so moist lips.


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