Erotic story by m.


Come as you are

My phone buzzes. an app-message. "Tonight I'll be home at 9 sorry x". Another message: "btw I picked up something stunning" And another: "you'll find it in the bdrm" With a devil-smiley. I smile. I message back: I'll be going to bed already, babe", with an angel-smiley.

When I get home, I go to check straight away.

There is an ivory coloured Bordelle lingerie ensemble nicely displayed on the bed. Beautiful, sexy briefs, with an open backside. Matching suspenders. No bra, but a quite kinky Bordelle harness top. And a pair of sheer, nude, suspender stockings with a smooth hem, from l'Agent by Agent Provocateur. Chic, understated, very sexy. Exactly your taste. And there is a parcel too, beautifully wrapped. With curiosity, I remove the paper. A box, I take off the lid and I am looking at a pair of stiletto heels. Very high ones, in an exquisite light beige colour. the soles are glossy red, the brand name printed in an elegant font; Louboutin. They're absolutely gorgeous.

I take a shower, apply my make-up with care. I choose a fresh, scintillating perfume. I want you savvy, bright, alert. Then it's time for the lingerie. To dress up in magnificent lingerie is a ritual, it's a metamorphosis of sorts. While I am fastening my Bordelle suspender belt, put on the open briefs, I transform into a proper classy seductress, into your concubine. I am now your muse and mistress, all at the same time. Sex is, like war, a power game. With naked skin, high heels and luxury lingerie as weapons. The harness top covers nothing, but puts an emphasis on my naked breasts. Carefully I pull on the sheer stockings; they give an almost invisible matt sheen to my long legs.

Lastly, the lush high heels. I notice the subtle toe cleavage on the super high Louboutins. You'll find that very sexy. And immediately I feel that they are higher than any high heels I've ever worn. They make me taller, forcing me to stand up straight, make my pelvis jut forward and my shoulders back. They give me even more length, a tighter bum and they even seem to give me a fuller bosom. I feel dangerously seductive.

I fantasize about how you will glide your hands over my stocking-ed leg, from the top of my foot, to my ankle, over the curve of my calf, upwards to my thigh. How you'll hook your finger behind a strap of my suspender, pulling it tight, stretching it over my hip. I think of how I will turn my naked buttocks to you, framed by straps. Kiss me there, delicious.

I lightly lift up my breasts with my hands. My natural bosom is my delicate area, but this arouses you non the less: not as firm, but full and soft. I imagine how you take them in your strong hands. With such strength, it slightly startles me and I briefly hold my breath. You like it a bit rough. So do I. And I know all your favorite positions. I can almost feel you, warm, big and hard, against my belly, higher, and then between my breasts.

Suddenly the phone takes me out of my reverie. An app message. I can feel a slight dissappointment coming on. It's probably going to be later again. Then I look at the screen: it's an app from you, just like I thought. But I only see an address. And another app-message saying: "come as you are". I feel a tingle of excitement in my tummy.

- to be continued -


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