Erotic story by m.



I stare at the screen of my phone. You want me to come to you, to that address. "Come as you are"...But I am only wearing lingerie, stockings and heels...I of course can't go like this...!

Wait. Let me think.

I put on my long beige trenchcoat, I knot the belt tight. Dressed, neatly covered, but in a blink of an eye it can come off, if need be. Two minutes later, I am in the car. I putting all my trust in the navigation system to guide me to the right address. Getting closer and to my surprise I suddenly realise where I am: at your office. The building is almost completely dark and I don't see anybody. Despite my trenchcoat, I feel a bit uneasy and naked. My phone buzzes. A roomnumber.

I take the elevator. In the mirrored wall I see my long coat, showing off a lot of bare leg. I see my very high stilleto heels. A strap of my harness top. With a little bump the lift stops and the doors glide open. The excitement is surging through my belly. I still don't see anyone. A little bit further down the hallway I see a light, an open door.

With a pounding heart, I walk to the doorway. Behind the desk, underneath a designer desk-lamp, I see you, with a very amused look on your face. You look at the long coat. You know exactly what's underneath.

I look around with a bit of awe. Chic, spacious, walnut, leather. Thick carpet. "Is this your office?" "No..." Sex in the office of your boss... on her desk even. Kinky.

I walk around the desk and pull your tie up the way. With a quick motion I loosen it, followed by the buttons of your shirt. I've got no idea idea if we're alone...I've got the feeling we could get caught any minute. I tear the rest of your clothes off of your athletic, slightly muscular body. Your gorgeous shaft proudly erect. Only then I release the belt of my coat and let it glide onto the floor. I give you a little moment to take in and revel in my sexy lingerie, my soft curves, my shimmering long legs. And your gift: The lush high heels. You whisper a compliment. You place your hands on my hips.

I put my lefthand in your neck and kiss you; my other hand wandering towards your chest, down to your stomach and even lower. My hand firmly encloses your enticing, big erection. Your hands go up, from my hips, to underneath my breasts. You firmly grab them - so powerfully, that it startles me and I hold my breath for a bit. As punishment I squeeze your lush erected penis hard; it makes you moan with pleasure.

I push you away from me and turn around, bending over the desk. Then I can feel your lower body against my buttocks, your lips in my neck, your hands on my hips, my belly, my breasts, everywhere. I feel you inside me, big and hard. The titillation makes us impatient, greedy, extremely aroused. And the lust grows more intense, stronger. It doesn't take long before we release ourselves from all the tension, on the deks.

Naked and panting heavily, we revel in the moment. Your slender torso glistening with sweat. I pick up the trenchcoat from the floor and put it on. I belt it. A give me a puzzled look. I give you a kiss, turn around and walk back to the elevator. In the elevator I send you an app message. An address. Our address.

And with a smile, I send you another: "Come as you are".


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