Erotic story by m.


Deliciously hot

We've got time, the whole night. No rushing, no appointments. You're standing in front of the cabinet with jazzrecords, a tumbler of Jack Daniels swirling in your hand. I love your manly nonchalance. I want you.

Quietly I retreat to the bedroom. I Am thinking about what to wear for you. Something you'll find very sexy. Something that makes me feel beautiful and seductive. I am taking my time, look at different bra's: a beautiful shelf bra, a push-up model, a sexy open bra. A suspender belt, a high waisted brief, racy strappy thongs all glide through my hands. I enjoy the luxurious materials, the audacious designs. The embellishment and the beautification of a female body, decorating curves and showing off delicate skin...erotic art. A little like your jazz music: deliciously hot, terribly cool.

I pick something gorgeous, put it on in front of the full length mirror. When I enter the room a bit later, you're sitting there in the armchair, your tumbler of whisky still in your hand. You put on a jazz record: sultry, dark brown sound fills the dimly lit space.

I pose for you, and revel in your admiration. I'm wearing a broadly strapped suspender belt, with a matching quarter cup bra. The bra is a work of art with its straps, little rings, very little fabric, lightly lifting my natural boobs, but not covering them. My long legs look spectacular in sheer black stockings and classic stiletto's.

I help you out of your jeans and shirt, and I notice that your tight underpants can't hide your excitement. My hand glides under the elastic waistband, I wrap my hand around your manhood and feel you growing even larger and harder. Your hands venture to my tushy, over my thighs, rustling my stockings. A hand glides towards the nudity between my legs. Soon we're lying on the carpet in front of the couch. We relish with patience, attentive, intense.

Your strong body underneath me, your hands everywhere, between my legs, your lips in my neck. I feel the straps of my bra sliding down, my full breasts plunge on your muscular chest. I taste your lips, your warm skin, your flat belly, and further down, your yummy, hard manhood. Then your hands force my long, high-heeled legs apart. Slowly, patiently, but with vigor, I feel you enter me.

We've got time, the whole night...


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