Erotic story by s.


Me and my sweetheart are going for a night out. We're going to a (for us) new party in Breda, we're still somewhat newbees on the scene but we certainly got a taste for erotic parties. With "burlesque" being the theme this time. For weeks I've been living towards this evening and have been busy with the preparations, I am a perfectionist at heart and I want to look great.

The dress code for men is a suit and for women it's lingerie. I am in two minds on what I want to wear. Am I going for my black lace string body by Patrice Cantanzaro or am I going to show even more skin? I first do more research on accessories and decide that the most fitting for that particular night is a headdress embellished with feathers and pearls. Less is more! When the headdress comes in, I am elated, the string body goes perfectly with it and I feel perfectly feminine and sexy in it. My legs and bum are gorgeously emphasized by the body, all the hard work in the gym is finally paying off.

I have a trial night, put on my body with towering high heels and my sweetheart looks at me with utter admiration. Quite aroused, he pulls me towards the couch and caresses my bare round tushy. "I'm more than proud of this," he whispers softly in my ear. We look at each other and we both feel the wonderful tension for the upcoming erotic party. He gives me a deeply passionate kiss, a pat on my ass and presses me even closer to him.

Finally, the time had come, we arrived at the party and it's very busy. We find our way to the dance floor and, slightly tensed, I drink a tumbler of pure vodka over ice. The location looks fantastic and I walk to the dance floor. I slowly surrender to the rhythm and start swaying to the music. We talk to some people and the music keeps getting better and better, when a man approaches me. He claims that it's his birthday at midnight and that it would be such a wonderful gift if I would kiss his girlfriend at that time. I find him way too cheeky, that is until I see his girlfriend, she's absolutely stunning. Dressed in a thong, nipple tassels and a fur stole, she moves to the music ever so sexy. She's tall, blond and has a perfect body and knows this all too well. I decide not to pay any attention to it until my hubby approaches her a little later and brings her to me and says to me "a gift". We look at each other and her mischievous eyes make me curious. We talk briefly and then resume moving to the beat of the music with lust.

Slowly we dance closer and closer, she takes of her fur stole and caresses me with it from head to toe, ending with my tushy (I am happy with my string body at this point). I wet my lips with my tongue, I can't keep my eyes off of her. She moves even closer to me, I am drawn to her like a magnet and put my arms around her neck. I look deep into her eyes and a divine french kiss follows. A lovely shudder through my whole body is followed by a soft moan. This is lush. For a moment it feels like I'm in a different world, another dimension. I'm on cloud nine. With my eyes still closed I dream away, while I feel her hands glide over my body which I answer by caressing her perfect full breasts. I am so incredibly aroused and wet.

Totally in the flow I come across a beautiful brunette, I've seen her before at another party but we never exchanged a word. The sexual energy exudes from this party and boldly, without saying a word, we look at each other and start kissing. I am on fire and this night cannot last long enough…


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