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It's still early, only mid-afternoon.
Still, I'm totally in the mood.
I am wearing Studio PIA's spectacular Cerelia bustier, a very revealing creation of green straps, silk and colorful floral motifs, held together by shiny metal rings and closures.
The cups are cut low and just show my nipples.
Two extra straps at the bottom of the bustier create a provocative open brief.
My refined nude back-seamed stockings match perfectly.

In the middle of the living room, I slowly walk backwards for a few steps, swaying my hips on my towering high heels.
I feel that you are looking at me, that you are following all my movements.
'...What do you think of my new lingerie?'
Picked especially for you...with beautiful stockings...my very highest stiletto heels.
Totally your taste, right...?'
I smile, even though your compliment remains unspoken.
I know exactly what you are thinking.
I'm going to tease you.
I put one leg forward and look down at the pointed nose of my pump.
"Look how my legs shimmer...new stockings... Sexy back-seamed stockings, they feel so soft and smooth...
"I carefully pull up one stocking a little further; an unnecessary act, but I know exactly what it does to you."
Slowly I lower myself into the large leather armchair.
My stockings crackle as my legs slowly glide past each other.
Your heart rate rises, your mouth becomes dry.
"...I know what you're looking at...what you'd like to see..."
I straighten my back and shoulders, push my bosom forward.
My hands slowly move to my breasts; I lift them out of the bustier cups, let them slip out of my hands again and feel them plunge over the silk quarter cups.
I know that nothing escapes your scrutiny.

I move a bit in the chair, rocking my upper body a bit and letting my soft bosom sway loosely.
I feel I have your full attention.
My hands glide to my rounded hips, I turn a little more and spread my long, shiny legs slightly apart.
'I can tell what you're looking at... Actually, it's not exactly a brief.
Just straps...otherwise I'm completely naked, you can reach everything...
'For a few moments, I will let you enjoy what you see. I bend over and look for your gaze.
I want you to come to me, I want to feel your hands.
I want you to feel how delectably taut all the straps are sitting on my body, how wonderfully smooth my legs are.
I want you to take my breasts and kiss them...I don't mind a little nibble...
Then I want you to kiss me between my legs.
And then I want to feel your whole body between my legs, I want to feel you inside me, I want you to take me, very big and hard...'

My hand slides down between my legs. I am burning with lust and while sitting there, I spread my legs wide.
Knowing that you are watching me play with myself makes it even more arousing.
I sit back and relish the moment, slowly at first, then faster, with more feist, until I lose control, jolting and groaning.

When I catch my breath, I get up. I walk to my phone, which is on a small tripod that I bought especially for this purpose.
I stop recording and watch the video I just made.
I admire the beautiful lingerie, see my buttocks, my breasts, swaying and rocking.
I see a lot of my long, shiny legs.
My bare lower regions, moist and pink, my hand, the arching of my back as I cum.
I am satisfied with the result. You'll love it.

I quickly send you the link so that you can watch the video on the other side of the world, in your hotel room.
I have worked out that it has only just turned morning there. You may already be awake.
I imagine how you will soon be lying on the bed, looking at the screen of your phone totally transfixed, while one hand wanders, down, towards your tight boxers.

My phone says: Your file has been downloaded.
Enjoy it, enjoy me.


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