Erotic story ~forbidden night~part 2 - by m.


…Finally we're really together, in a place where we're not, where nobody knows us, where we probably will never return.

My dress is allowed to come off now, he loosens it, button for button. I am his for only tonight: my stockinged legs, my naked, ivory bum, my soft breasts. And his beautiful muscular body, his hands, his mouth, his beautiful rigid penis, are all mine tonight.

The first time we made love, was hasty, hot, a little awkward, releasing the worst of the sexual tension. We bask in the afterglow, talk, amazed. Then we make love again, with more patience this time. It takes longer for him now, I let him enjoy my hands, my full, red lips, my warm loins, until he finally reaches another peak.

We both silently realize that this evening and night will soon come to an end. And then it will never have happened. Whispering, reveling, we keep the morning at bay. His hand caresses my hip, the curve of my buttock. Gliding his hand over my stocking. My breasts loosely lull above his flat stomach. While he looks at me and has a fondle, I see his lust slowly awakening again. I raise myself up a little further, lowering my soft curves into his lap.

One more time, before dawn dawns.


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