Sexy halloween


An erotic poem by A.

…It's nighttime, October 31st, Halloween…
I will be trick or treating…in a sexy way, I mean

You invited me to come at midnight & rap your door
And to dress sexy-Halloween-ish from head to floor

So to appease, I wear strappy lingerie under a cloak
& you better be wearing a sword of sorts, to provoke

On my merry way, I am nearly there, masked & everything
Tonight I am your lascivious Queen & you're my horned King

I scurry in a hurry to get to you & to be utterly satisfied
King? or perhaps you'll be dressed up like a frisky knight?

So, I arrived, I am on your doorstep & I knock, knock, knock,
Oh, burly blue blood, I am so ready for my royal Halloween F***


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest