I took the elevator to the storage area in the basement of the building and walk down the semi-dark passage.
Only a single lamp is lit; it looks like there are a few broken ones.
I never feel completely comfortable here.
To the left and right of the corridor are dark rooms where old office furniture is stored.
Some rooms are empty and a few others are used to hold archive boxes.
And who knows what else.
Somewhere in a room at the end of the hall should be a few boxes of old designs and plans that I need.

Suddenly I see something further down the hall.
In the semi-darkness I can barely see what it is.
When I get closer I see that it is a pair of panties, a thong.
I pick it up and recognize the black Dala Strap thong by Bordelle.
I look at the delicate lingerie in amazement.
Baffled because it is here, curious too: this is not something that the wearer would accidentally lose down here...
I continue walking and hear muffled sounds coming from one of the rooms to my left.

In the light of a single lamp I see a man and a woman.
I know them both, they are colleagues.
The man's shirt is unbuttoned to his waist.
His hands are on the hips of the beautiful, curvy woman.
Her dress stretches tightly around her luscious body and the cleavage shows her impressive full bosom.
Startled, I take a step back.
These two colleagues are officially not a couple, but they seem to be having a lot of fun together.

What I've seen gives me flutters in my stomach.
I can't resist and take a small step forward again, making sure I stay in the dark.
They haven't seen me, they're only paying attention to each other.
They kiss greedily, hurriedly, as his hand searches for the zipper of her dress.
The dress falls open, revealing her back, her beautiful voluptuous Rubens figure.
He finds the closure of her bra, his fingers find the gold-plated zipper and undoes it, she helps him to reveal her lovely big breasts.
I recognize the bra, it matches the thong I found earlier: the Bordelle Dala Bodice bra.

The dress falls around her ankles and high heels to the ground.
I now see that she is wearing beautifully shimmering stay-up stockings.
He buries his face in her opulence, she lays a hand on his short hair and presses his head deeper into her bosom.
Her other hand digs into his crotch-area, feeling his visible erection through his pants.
Her hand finds the closure of his pants.
I see they are impatient, in a hurry.
They don't want to be seen. And they are very excited.
Like me.
My own heart is pounding in my throat with excitement as I watch.
She frees his throbbing erection and closes her hand tightly around it.
My hand slides down, I pull up my skirt; my fingers find the moist patch of my thong.

He takes the initiative and pushes her back, a few paces, until her buttocks touch the edge of an old metal desk.
She leans back halfway, spreading her soft thighs.
I glimpse his big hard manhood as he stands between her stockinged legs.
I see his buttocks tighten as he takes her, without hesitation.
She is all roundness and softness, he is made up of muscles, blood, a hard body in hers.
I can see her enjoying herself, her head back, her mouth wide open, gasping for more.
Her delicious curves sway and wave with every thrusting motions of his slender, muscular lower body.

With both hands he lifts her legs, she presses her high heels against his naked buttocks, the sharp points pressing deep into his flesh.
He is the first who can no longer contain himself.
I can see it in the shocking of his lower body, hear his stifled moan.
Her hand slides down between her full thighs as he continues to thrust slowly now, panting.
It doesn't take long before she too loses control and enjoys her climax loudly.

Before they spot me, I rush back upstairs, hot and excited.
Once there, I don't lose the tension in my body.
The sneaky, thrilling rendezvous I just witnessed keeps spinning around in my mind.
When I try to go back to work, I realize that I haven't brought up the boxes with the designs at all.

I decide I need some help.
I walk as casually as I can to that attractive younger colleague down the hall.
He's just standing at the coffee corner.
With a pounding heart I undo the top button of my blouse.
I take a graceful pose, leaning against a door frame.
I see him looking at my legs, my tight blouse.
To the button I just undid.
It shows a glimpse of lace and sexy black straps down my cleavage: the Apéritif bra by Pleasurements.
His gaze lingers there just a little longer.

'Hey…I need to get some heavy boxes from the storage area basement. Can you give me a hand?'


Erotic story by M.

Imagery: Pinterest & Pleasurements