Erotic story by m.


Erotic story by M. - Massage

Our last meeting had been some time ago.
It was a brief encounter, but I remember that it was intense and wonderful.
As I think back, a mischievous smile plays around my lips.
Since then you had been abroad, accessible but not touchable.
Now you are back here with me.
Finally, I feel your skin again, your warmth, I smell your scent.
I've been looking forward to it, longing for it.

Behind me, on the floor, lies my long wrap dress.
I am only wearing the Sphinx body by Tisja Damen now, in a warm dark red color.
The color of passion, of blood.
More beautiful than naked and barely more concealing: silk straps, diaphanous, transparent tulle.
You're almost naked too.
I untie the buttons on your rigid jeans, help you out of them.
The tight boxer shorts stretch around your butt and your well-endowed manhood.
I push it down teasingly slow.
I enjoy your naked body.
Tanned, toned.
I see my proximity is starting to awaken something in you.

In your hands I see your silk tie; what are you going to do with it?
You ask me to turn around, then you tie my arms together behind my back with it, at elbow height.
My heart starts pounding.
I like it a bit kinky...
The knot is pretty darn tight, it feels a bit uncomfortable.
It forces me upright, pulls my shoulders back, and pushes my bosom forward.
I turn around again and look at you.
A smile plays on your lips.
Your hands push aside the delicate fabric of my body, freeing my breasts.

You walk backward a few steps, sit on the edge of the bed.
You admire my body, my long legs, my bosom rising and falling with each breath I take.
Slowly swaying my hips, I walk my towering high heels towards you, get on my knees right in front of you.
I can see that you are already quite aroused.

You open a black bottle and a wonderfully scented oil is drizzled over my breasts, dripped on my nipples, and further down.
Your strong hands are kneading, massaging, making my bosom soft, warm and smooth.
I know what you want.
You come closer to me and I feel your handsome hard manhood between my breasts, luscious and shiny from the oil.
With both hands, you press them firmly together around your erect penis.
I am helpless, with my arms tied behind my back; I can only watch you satisfy yourself between my breasts.
I see and hear how you are enjoying yourself.
I admire the tight muscles of your stomach, enjoy your powerful hands and forearms.
And your proud manhood sliding up and down between my full breasts.

Before you lose control, you stop.
You lie on your back on the bed, your shiny stiff member lies against your flat stomach.
I get up and kneel on the bed.
A little uncomfortable, with my hands behind my back, I maneuver myself over your naked lower body.
Your fingers find the crotch of my string body and expose my lower pink bits.
Immediately I feel you enter me, slowly but urgently.
You're warm, smooth, and ever so big, so huge, and so hard.
It takes my breath away.
We make love in a wonderfully slow rhythm.
Your hands feel my butt, glide up to my waist, grip me tight and hold me upright.
My soft, oil-shimmering bosom surges and shakes, you feed your eyes.
We make love faster, wilder, delicious.

Until all of a sudden, it comes in waves, warm and engulfing.
And almost at the same time I feel you let go yourself, shocking and rocking.
I lower myself forward and, lying on your chest, with your arms around me, I catch my breath again.
In the corner of my eye I can see the black bottle of scented oil on the bed, right next to me.

I want you to massage my delicious voluptuous butt with it, knead them warm and softly smooth, very smooth, and then take me again, right there...

I can't reach the bottle myself, I'm still powerless, with my arms tied behind my back.
I whisper softly in your ear what I want you to do to me.
Your hand reaches for the black bottle; I feel the titillation in my tummy grow and glow again.


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