Secret fantasy

Secret Fantasy
Have I told you about my erotic fantasies yet?
They are rather mysterious, dark, and often a little kinky.
If you promise not to tell anyone...I will unveil just a smidgen.

I walk down a long corridor, it's cold and dark.
At the end of the corridor, I see a light.
To my left are tall windows, separated by stone arches that meet overhead.
A cloister?
I am wearing a long black cape that billows around me with each echoing step of my high heels.
I approach the end of the hall and feel tension in my stomach.
Not from fear, but from excitement: delicious hot excitement.

I enter a semi-darkened room.
In the middle, a large metal chandelier hangs from a long chain.
The light comes from the candles that burn within it.
Right underneath the chandelier is a platform of sorts, a kinda podium.
At the edge of the circle of light, almost in the dark, I see a silent figure, apparently a man.
He is also dressed in a long cape that covers his head.
I can't see his face.
I walk into the circle of lights and stand on the platform.

I unfasten the cape and let it glide off my shoulders.
The candlelight overhead shows my naked skin, my feminine curves.
I am only wearing the Bordelle Otto Open suspender briefs, made up of black straps, gold rings and buckles.
My natural breasts are nude, only my nipples are covered with gilded pasties.
Thin black Cervin stockings make my long legs shimmer in the dim light.
And I am wearing dangerously high stiletto heels.

The tension in my stomach increases as I look around the darkish room.
Now that my eyes are used to the dim light, I can see a little more.
In the dark, further back, I now see even more figures.
All dressed in long, dark capes.
I am aware of my nudity, and I feel I am being watched intently by many eyes.
I feel beautiful and incredibly sexy.
I walk back and forth, slowly swaying my hips, turning slowly around my axis, letting myself be admired extensively.
My long, shapely legs, my voluptuous bum and round hips, my naked lower body, my wonderfully soft breasts.

The man closest to me, starts moving.
He slowly walks towards the podium and stops right in front of me.
He undoes his cape and lets it fall to the floor.
In front of me is a young, slim-built man.
I don't know him, but I still have the feeling that he resembles someone.
That sharp jawline, the short wiry hair...
He stands in front of me completely naked and with a gorgeous, proud erection.

I look straight at him, grab him by the balls.
He does not hesitate, lifts my stockinged left leg, clamps me tight and takes me standing, wonderfully long and deep.
The fact that we are being watched, in the middle of the circle of light, excites me enormously.
His eyes eagerly glide over my luscious body, my heaving bosom; I hear his breathing quicken.
I push him off me, bend through my knees, first I take his shiny, moist manhood in my mouth, licking it, kissing it, and then I glide his erection between my natural breasts.
I let him enjoy my soft feminine curves, until I notice that he can hardly take it anymore and his abdominal muscles start to cramp.
I move half on my side, he is bent over me on hands and knees.
I feel his hard member slide down my stocking, against my thigh.
Lying on my side, I lift one leg up high.
He puts my leg against his shoulder, grips it tightly and takes me as hard as he can.
Everything about my body shakes and sways, I let myself be carried away in his rhythm, faster and faster, more and more intense, until I scream of utter pleasure.

When I had a moment to catch my breath, I discover that I am at home, in a lovely warm bath, my Warming Duo Massager in my hand.
Hot and a little disoriented, but very satisfied.
There's a knock on the bathroom door, he sticks his head around the corner.
That sharp jawline, that short, wiry hair...
I rise up from the bath a bit and beckon him closer.


o0o Erotic story by M. o0o