Exclusive! meet the great gatsby stockings by fogal here at pleasurements.

Exclusive! Meet the Great Gatsby stockings by Fogal here at Pleasurements.
In theaters now, the newest blockbuster, "the Great Gatsby". Have you seen it already? If so, you must have seen the stunning stockings & tights worn by the female cast. If not, you should see it!! These luxury stockings & tights are absolutely divine. Well do we have a little surprise up to our sleeve. Discover the very limited, very beautiful Fogal Chou Chou stockings here at Pleasurements exclusively made for the Great Gatsby movie. Enjoy the glitz & glam of the glamourous Twenties yourself with the elegant yet very seductive Fogal Chou Chou Stay-ups. A sensual seem and ornamental patterning at the thigh and foot enrich these beautiful luxury Fogal stockings. Have you also fallen in love head over heels with these enticing Great Gatsby Chou Chou stay-ups by Fogal like us? Shop now at Pleasurements for these very exclusive Fogal stockings.