For the yummy mummies


Mother's day

She is the mother, the lover, the concubine, the love-interest, your crush…
The original power-woman, the gorgeous one, the classy lady, the ultra sexy one when the night draws nigh.
And this is the time to celebrate her, celebrate the love for her, time to celebrate Mother's day!

Mother's day is an ode to all the mums, moms, mothers & yummie mummies…
Time to honor her femininity, her body and her soul.
This is her day to shine, her day to be pampered, to shower her with love…and love isn't blind…

With the utmost pleasure, we love to give you a hand and help you decide on the very best, luxury gifts for her and therefore we dedicated a page to Mother's day
Cover her with the lushest lace, soft sexy silk, carress her with stunning designer lingerie, or 14 c golden body jewelry…
She is worth every nano particle, every single fiber of (your) love, she's a gorgeous sexy goddess and in every which way worthy of your devoted worship.

With love,