How to style bordelle


Sometimes women approach me and carefully ask me what I'm wearing. I already hear you thinking, what is so special about what you're wearing? Well let me enlighten you on that one, I often combine my lingerie with my outerwear. Why keep it all to myself? Besides a lot of luxury lingerie brands are quite fashionable nowadays.

One of my favorite brands most definitely is Bordelle. Each and every piece is designed with care and oozes luxury allover. I literally wear Bordelle to every event and show a hint of what I'm wearing underneath. And I'm not alone, a lot of celebrities and other lingerie enthusiasts are wearing Bordelle proudly. We are all in awe with the fashionable strappy designs and 24k gold plated elements. It's an iconic style that gives lingerie a whole new meaning.

So for all who need a little bit of inspiration and wonder how to style Bordelle, here's a little hint of how to integrate Bordelle with your outerwear and create the most inspiring looks.

Wondering which Bordelle pieces are shown on the pictures? From left to right; Bondage Wrap Bra, Bodice Longline Bra, Contour Angela Dress. Second line, from left to right; Bondage Belle Longline Bralette, Classic Waspie, Bondage Shelf Open Bra.