I close my eyes and savor the moment- an erotic story by m.


You like to challenge me.
Make me do things that are actually not very possible, just pushing it a little too far.
To make sure I feel quite uncomfortable.
Naughty things, sexy things that you enjoy.
Like tonight.

You take me to a restaurant. I don't know the place; it's very chic, stylish - and expensive, no doubt about that.
Most tables are occupied, but fortunately we still have a bit of privacy. I sit with my back to most other guests.
At your 'urgent request' I wear my Frederica dress by Catanzaro: short, tight and transparent.
With a black pencil skirt by Murmur.
Underneath the Lea string and bra from Bordelle. A sexy open bra. Beautiful stay-up stockings, a pair of high stiletto heels.
The tight Frederica dress is pretty revealing: the thin fabric is hardly more than a transparent black shadow on my bare skin.
Showing my bra, my breasts, my nipples.
I feel semi naked, scrutinized by everyone, uncomfortable. And at the same time it feels incredibly titillating.

I take a deep breath, try to relax. Lean forward a little, on my elbows. So that only you see my breasts, and my beautiful, sexy bra.
The woman at the table a little further constantly looks my way.
She sees the striking back of my bra through my transparent dress. I don't know how much more she can see.
I can see that you're enjoying all of it very much. Enjoying the view. Enjoying my discomfort, the tension, my forced exhibitionism.
The delicious red wine softens my discomfort and uncertainty a bit. I take another sip and start to move, straighten my back. You're attentively watching me.

The tension between us is palpable, your greedy gaze makes my skin tingle.
When we later decide to leave, I feel a flurry of excitement surging through my body.
I notice that you're very curious about how I'm going to do this.
I look at you, get up, turn around and walk as confidently as possible in front of you, weaving through the tables, to the exit.
I feel how I am being watched. Surprised looks, a few maybe even shocked. But also a few charmed ones, I hope.
I can feel my breasts loosely move underneath the tight thin fabric of my dress, I am withstanding the urge to cover myself up.
It's only when we're outside that I wrap the shawl I wore when we arrived, around my shoulders again.
I feel strong, proud, and incredibly sexy.
You move closer and kiss me in my neck.
You whisper,"That was fantastic darling …".
Your lips are looking for mine, your hand glides under my shawl.
I close my eyes and savor the moment.


Images: Pinterest