Introseduction: l'agent by agent provocateur

If you're a serious lingerie lover you must have heard that Agent Provocateur released a new diffusion line last year called L'Agent, designed by spanish sisters Monica and Penelope Cruz. As soon as I laid my eyes on their playful and sexy range of demi cup bras, teeny tiny panties, ouverts and stockings I knew this would be an excellent addition to our classics range. Personally I love to slip on a suspender belt to seduce my lover or to create that powerful feeling. L'Agent understands this perfectly well and offers a suspender belt in every range; romantic Vanesa, powerful Penelope, roleplaying Idalia or smooth Danita. L'Agent is also master of creating dangerously low demi cups, while still pushing your cleavage to dazzling heights. But don't come complaining to us when your date's eyes aren't focused on your face;) Curious? Take a look at our selection of ranges here.