Le crazy horse de paris


Let's just say, it is not (always) a bad thing to do the touristic thing in the likes of Paris. Especially when treating yourself to a glamourously sexy show at the iconic Le Crazy Horse de Paris...

Le Crazy Horse de Paris, on 12 Avenue George V in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, was founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist and insatiable admirer of women. And up to this day, this venue still is a celebration of the female body...

Vibrantly enticing burlesque, magic & cabaret, a total feast for the eyes and all your other senses. It's a lush meltingpot of all things that speak to your wildest imagination & a source of inspiration for lustful, naughty, but damn classy fantasies.

Over the years, many famous artists, designers, models and other celebrities have frequented & collaborated with this magnificent place... We're talking Elvis, Jean Paul Gaultier, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Dita von Teese, Ellen von Unwerth to name just a few... And did you know that at one point Christian Louboutin designed shoes especially for the Le Crazy -dancers?



Images : Le Crazy Horse Paris