An erotic story by a.



Lockdown was just over when the company I work for decided we needed to meet up and have a good ol' brainstorm-sesh about how to continue our mighty flourishing bizz in this now drastically changed world…
After 2 weeks of very strict self-quaranteening, we were all tested for Covid 19 and thank goodness all of us proofed to be negative.
And before we set of to put all our company-heads together, we kept ultra safe.

My colleagues and I all arrived at this gorgeous boutique hotel with its lush garden and because there was no Covid-threat amongst us, we shook hands, hugged and snuck in some cheek-kisses too.
After all, for the past 3 to 4 months of zoom-meetings we hardly touched a living soul! We were yearning to touch another human being's skin, right?
Yes, we were defo suffering from skin-hunger…

I was seated next to a newer colleague of mine, handsome, excellent physique and smoldering eyes.
His name is Bobby and he works in sales. We briefly locked eyes and said 'hi!'. Then the meeting in this lovely garden commenced and we all tried to concentrate on the items on the agenda.
The concentration-part however, didn't last long as I felt a titillating tingle in my lower-belly when Bobby's knee brushed against my leg…hmmm…
Did he do that on purpose? Nah, it was probably just accidental, right?

As it was warm out, we were all sitting around a big farm-house table in the lavish garden of the hotel.
It being summer, I was wearing airy clothes; a stunning open-back-top and a wrap skirt by (erotic lingerie designer) Bordelle, executed in this fabulous light, slightly see-through black fabric. It was my newest favorite ensemble. Underneath I was wearing the new Botanica Bodice bra and matching briefs, also by Bordelle. But, why am I telling you this? Well, probably because my airy clothes and especially the wrap-skirt with its huge slit proofed to have easy access to what's beneath; my skin-hungry skin begging to be touched by my studly-neighbor…

I jutted my now exposed leg out a bit underneath the table and felt Bobby's gaze veering towards it. I held my breath for a sec when I felt the warmth of his hand landing on my thigh. A wave of utter lust pulled through my body and gathered in the pink mounds of my vulva. While his left hand trailed up towards the strap of my panties, we were both pretending to concentrate on the meeting, scribbled some notes on our pads and nodded when required. His hand found my now throbbing clit beneath my briefs and the slight movement of his fingers made me want to gasp out loud, but I held myself together by just briefly closing my eyes and exhaling a long inconspicuous sigh. I think he noticed though, indicating to him that I wanted more of this. While his left hand remained in my loin-region, giving it the occasional tap, he scribbled a new note on his pad and nudged the notepad towards me to read it and it read "see you in the garden shed at the break".

The break came, we had an hour. I lied having to go to the toilet to a few of my colleagues, while I watched Bobby walk into the hotel and exiting again a bit further on from a different door leading into the garden.
No-one else seemed to have noticed that he entered that garden shed either. Now it was my turn to make myself scarce and I headed in the same direction as Bobby had done. I arrived at the shed, looked back at the others, but thank goodness no-one was paying attention. I softly knocked on the shed door, which swung open and a hand attached to this handsome man pulled me in. He had already unbuttoned his shirt, his abs glinted in the dimmed light coming in from this tiny window at the side. He pushed me back on an old chair, greedily kissing me, inhaling me, juices flowed while tongues snaked around each-others. Then he lifted my top over my head and untied my wrap skirt to reveal what was lying beneath, taking it all in with his smoldering eyes and nodding with approval. He dropped between my legs onto his knees and licked my briefs right in the center, which made me purr out loud with lust. He peeled of my briefs, dropping them to my ankles and started to gently bathe my vulva and clit with his warm saliva, making me audible beg for so much more…

He got up and my gaze went to his enormous bulge behind his now too taut black denims. I opened his jeans, lowered his boxers and his big, hard manhood bounced out from its tight space towards me. I grabbed a good hold of it and pulled it towards my mouth, closing my lips around his throbbing, juicy penis, up and down, sucking it till I couldn't contain my drool any longer. His crescendo of moans indicated it was time to give in to our lusty greed even further. I sat back and lowered my bra straps, exposing my boobs and one by one, lifted them up to bring them to my saliva ridden-lips licking my nipples. He took the hint and bent forward, taking my breasts in his hands, weighing them, kneading them, trailing his tongue around each nipple, kissing them, stiffening them to solid sharp points. I flipped around leaning forward on the chair, presenting my curvaceous tushy, beckoning him to plunge his engorged manhood into my pink orifice. He grabbed a good hold of my now freely rocking bosom and without further hesitation, he sank his big, hard, shimmering cock into my pussy. While thrusting in and out of my soaking wet vagina, he fondled my clit and our harmonized moans became louder and louder. Before I knew it, I came over his big manhood buried deep inside me with a high-pitched shriek, which was quickly followed by him thrusting his hard-on even further in me, holding it there, clenching his muscular bumcheeks and surrendering to his climax…
When we released one another, we were sweat-soaked and panting loudly. I sat on his lap for a bit to regain some strength, gave each other one more passionate kiss before we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed.

As if nothing happened we joined the rest of the crew, had a few bites to eat and sat back down at the table so we could continue our meeting.
It was still hard…hard to concentrate on the meeting when Bobby shoved his notepad towards me again and nudged me to read it. It said "still skin-hungry? I am, so I booked us a room here". I wrote a reply telling him I craved his bulging skin, followed by a drawing of…let's say an eggplant…


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