Mesmerizing merida by bordelle


Bordelle Love

…Always those beautiful, sexy forms, the massively impressive sensuous play of lines with those satin straps, the glistening gold hardware.
Yes, Bordelle always enchants us with her erotic lingerie, doesn't she?
And Bordelle has just done it again as they conjured up a delicious new reason to fall head over (towering high-) heels in love with their lush collection, called Merida

Pre-order Merida by Bordelle at Pleasurements

When we talk about the erotic lingerie from the Merida collection by Bordelle, the straps consist of a beautiful mix of widths in terms of those sexy satin straps that beautifully frame and envelop your divine body.
In addition, Bordelle has designed sublime translucent dresses and skirts for this collection, over which ÓR under which you can wear the Merida bondage lingerie.
The made-with-love items can be worn and combined in various ways.
In addition, they can also be adjusted with the 24K gold plated sliders for the very best fit.

As always, all bondage lingerie delights by Bordelle are highly exclusive and you can imagine that Pleasurements intense fiery, fierce love for Bordelle is sealed and satisfied once again, as she has the honor to offer this gorgeous new erotic lingerie collection by Bordelle!

Thus, mes chéries, the ultimate sexy, erotic lingerie Merida-collection by Bordelle is now ready to pre-order at yours truly, Pleasurements…