Literotica by rebecca: "a seductive night"

I adore Rick. After all these years, I still get a thrill from that mischievous look in his eyes, his sexy crooked smile and his dense curly head of hair. Still, I do miss the excitement we had at the start of our relationship. The glorious intoxication where you can't stay away from each other, you just can't resist each other and it is like you HAVE to make love to one another. I've noticed that our relationship has started to suffer from the lack of it. He misses it as well. One day last week, Rick came home, he grabbed me and firmly said: We need to experiment more, explore and undertake more". I became curious and I nodded. Yes, this is exactly what I wanted too. But how? I always was the most respectable girl in class. Sexually, I was a late bloomer. Frankly, I wouldn't know where to start. Luckily he thought of absolutely everything. He had written down all our wishes, fantasies and thoughts on little note cards. This weekend it is his turn to pull one of my cards. That Saturday I receive a text message from him, at about 11 in the morning. It only indicates an address and a time. I respond quickly and briefly. 'See you tonight. X'. More words aren't necessary, we both know what will happen tonight. When I enter the boudoir-like shop in Amsterdam, the hostess tells me that Rick is already here. He waits for me in an adjacent room. I imagine the way he is sitting there and I have to laugh. A nervous, excited giggle. I let my gaze wander over the negligees, corsets, suspenders and bodysuits. The hostess explains that I just have to say which items I like best, she will assemble a suitable selection from the chosen items. Then I disappear behind the curtain of the room Rick is in. It's darker here and more intimate. My eyes have to adjust a little to the dimmed light, but then I see him clearly. Reclined in a plush red velvet covered chair. Next to him I can see oysters and champagne. Soft lounge music is playing over the speakers in the background. I take a sip from my glass and I can feel the fizzy drink numb my nerves, freeing up some space for utter lust. I dive into the dressing room and I get into the heels which are waiting for me there. It fills me with a powerful feeling, as if I can play any role I wish. With every piece of clothing I take off, I feel more sensuous. I dress myself in the lingerie, already laid out for me. I feel horny, sexy and feminine. I push the curtain aside and I fiercely step out in front of him. While I slowly turn around, I can see him crossing his legs. It's working! I continue my show and gracefully move to the music of Gotan Project. I dance sensually and I am provoking him. All my doubt and shyness seems to fade away with every move I make and every ensemble I try on. He watches me with full admiration, but he keeps an appropriate distance. After all we are not in the bedroom. It is a game, our foreplay. The he gets up and hands his credit card to the hostess. With a hoarse voice he tells her to wrap it all. I am keeping on the last set, so I request her if she minds putting my clothes in the bag as well. Only wearing my jacket, we leave the boutique. And we head home in the car. The ambiance in the car is charged, sweltering. Then he stops the car in a parking area and tells me how exciting this is to him. He tells me how beautiful I am to him. How much he loves and adores me. The butterflies are back.