Literotica by rebecca: handcuffs

Mesmerized, I look at the handcuffs in front of me. If I had not known any better, I would have thought that these are jewels. The clerk comes up to me and shows me how the little thin chain, that connects the two bracelets, can be detached. An intensity of excitement surges through my body and I think of Mark. He would never expect that I would purchase anything like this. In all the time we have been together, I've never let my hair down like this. I always stay within the lines. controlled. But why? On a whim of lust and curiosity, I buy the handcuffs. I try to imagine Mark's reaction when he sees them and I can't suppress a mischievous smile. That Friday I book a table in our favorite restaurant. I feel powerful and feminine in my little black dress with long sleeves and new lingerie. Since the purchase, I've been fantasizing every day about how I will reveal the bracelets. At the last moment I decide I should do it during the main course. Mark notices that I am acting a little strange and is keeping a watchful eye on me. During the starter, he already notices something glistening under my sleeve. 'Is that new?' he points to the bracelet. Slowly I push up both my sleeves. I press my wrists together and I look at him intently. Then he notices the rings fixed to the bracelets, where the chain can be attached. His eyes widen with amazement. He is on to me. The murmur in the restaurant seems to subside when I pull the chain from my handbag and hand it to him. I softly whisper my fantasy to him. "I want to be tied down. I want to be at the mercy of your hands, mouth and masculinity. I don't want to demand and wish anything at all. You' re the leader. I just want to feel, experience and enjoy the moment." When the waiter appears with the main course, I can't but swallow only a few bites. Mark is also impatient. We skip dessert and hurry home. I want to run up the stairs, to the bedroom, but he stops me in my tracks. He grabs me and reels me in, holding a firm grip on my hands behind my back. I can't escape and before I have a chance to realise it, I am already chained to the stairs. 'This is it,' flashes through my mind, as he passionately kisses me on my eager lips. I want to rip all his clothes off, but I can't. My hands are securely fixed to the banister. With his big strong hands he pushes up my dress, slides my string aside and shoves his pelvis hard against mine. His thrusts are unusually hard and so much more intense than normal. I can do nothing but to receive all. And oh, that feels so good. Tension and excitement are building up in the lower region of my tummy. This is so different, so intense. I am beside myself with ecstasy. He thrusts hard and deep a few more times before we both tempestuously cum together. He unties me and I limply fall into his arms. Intertwined, we lower ourselves to the wooden floor of our hallway and look up. The bracelets are still hanging from the banister. 'Excellent purchase,' Mark whispers in my ear.