Literotica by rebecca: room #124


'Tomorrow, 20:00 PM at hotel X. Will I see you then?’ Sender unknown. A lot of things are flashing through my mind. Who could this be? And what has he got in mind? How did he get my number? Enticed, I show my husband the sms. He is not surprised, but looks at me intently. With a gaze I know so well. He knows more. Without taking his eyes off me, he tells me that he knows who this is. And he adds to this, that I will never find out. BAM! He's got me now. My deepest fantasy, which I shared with him in an intimate moment a long time ago, is suddenly becoming a little more realistic. I am quite confused really, overwhelmed, but I also feel a flutter in my tummy. The excitement is winning from all other feelings that race through my head and I briefly reply to the sms. ‘Okay, I will meet you then.’ Immediately I receive a message back. ‘Room number 124. The keycard will be at reception. Don't forget your blindfold.’ Dressed in only a coat and my highest heels, I make my way to the luxury hotel that evening. I hang up my jacket and naked except for my heels, I proceed to lay myself down on the bed. Trembling with anticipation I put on the blindfold, I can't see anything anymore now. It's so quiet and it seems that time is ticking away very slowly. The tension is agonizing. Then I hear the door. My ears prick up. Footsteps are making its way towards me. Fuck, this is making me so horny. I fantasized about this for such a long time. I think of my husband. I wish he could see me. Then my thoughts are suddenly interrupted. Robust large hands grab my breasts. Soft lips surround my nipples, a wet tongue licking them and moving on to my neck, kissing it, then my right ear and finally my mouth. Oh, his kisses are so succulent and greedy. With passionate diligence I answer his kisses. I yearn for him and my hands grope his body. Thick, medium length hair, a stubble, muscular chest and a subtle six pack. Slowly I feel my way down and reach his big, throbbing member. I want to feel him inside me. He forces me deeper into the mattress and fiercely pushes up my legs. With the same greediness with which he kissed me, he spoils me down under. His soft lips and strong hands are working inquisitive. Starting of gently, then accelerating, becoming more ferocious. My body shudders with ecstasy and the excitement is building up in my lower body. I can’t stop or delay it any further. All I can do is completely surrender to this feeling. And then all of a sudden, right before I am coming, he stops. Except for his heavy panting, all is quiet. I know he is very close by, but I can't see a thing. The pause is agonizing. I Squirm. 'Please, don't stop,' I whisper pleadingly. He meets me with a sudden powerful thrust. Deep inside me, I can't think anymore and I moan loudly. He thrusts again and then once more. The next thrust is so brutish, so intense, it makes me squeal. I can't suppress it any longer and I come to a euphoric climax. He withdraws and entranced, I quiver, submerged in the feeling of the moment. Only after a few minutes, I become aware of my surroundings again. I sit up straight and remove the blindfold. Squinting, my eyes slowly adjust to the sudden bright light. I look around me. There is no-one there, he is gone. I make my way to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Did this really happen? The warm gushes of water, relaxing my body. I cannot wait to share this bizarre adventure with my husband. And I've got a new fantasy in store for him already.