Literotica: hot business trip

About a week ago, I met him for the first time. We briefly engaged in a conversation and exchanged numbers. Since that day, I have been unable to get him out of my head. I've got this recurring fantasy, in which we rip each others clothes off. I am not really looking for any fuss or a relationship for that matter, but my longing for him is irrepressible. I send him an SMS. Short but powerful. "I want you. Where do we meet?" For a moment I wonder if I can pull this off. I don't even know if he is single. Or where he lives. But two minutes later I receive a response.

"I want you too. But I am abroad at the moment,"

"Where are you?"


Bingo! I travel a lot for my work. So I quickly check my agenda. In 3 weeks time I've got a convention scheduled, in Paris.

“Hm, will you still be there in three weeks time?”


“Okay, keep Thursday the 16th free. Day and night.”

I chuckle. I love being direct. I am wondering if he can appreciate that, then I hear the familiar ping of my phone again.

“As you wish. Entirely at your disposal... X”

Three weeks later I am standing in front of the hotel we agreed to meet. The room is huge, almost like a loft. Right in the center of the room, there is a big round bathtub. I take off my clothes, freshen myself up in the shower and in the meantime I run the water to fill up the bath. After I covered myself in a sumptuous velvety body lotion, I put on my stockings and suspenders, slip my louboutins onto my feet and set the mood by lighting some candles. Then I hear a knock on the door. I sense a flutter in my belly. This is so exciting. Will he look as good as he did then? How will he react? While I stride towards the door, I realise I am still only wearing my suspenders and heels. Before I open the door, I quickly throw on a little dress.

When the door opens, I see a beaming smile, a smile from ear to ear. Thank god, he looks just as yummy as in my fantasy. A bottle of champagne in his right hand. When he steps inside, I can't contain myself. I start kissing him straight away. I've looked forward to this moment for so long. I hanker for him. He responds to my kissing with utter greed and he pushes me up against the wall. I can feel him getting hard and I firmly thrust my pelvis against him. He is just as horny as I am. In a fraction of a second I decide to save the romance for later. I want to feel him inside me right now. I snatch his jeans and his boxershorts from his ass. He pulls my panties down and pushes my dress up.

“I am so horny. I want to fuck you. Now,” he says. He lifts me up and sits me down on the dresser next to us. He enters me, with just one thrust. It feels so intense. I am on fire, burning with impatience. I grab his buttocks and firmly force him against me. I moan loudly. His thrusts even deeper while he is picking up the rhythm. I can't think of anything else, but this heavenly feeling and this scrumptious man. I can feel how my lower body contracts. Ready for an euphoric orgasm. I moan loudly, very loudly. And long. Together with him.

When I land back on earth, I put my feet back on the ground too. I straighten my dress and I kick my panties to the side. Then I look at him. He winks at me and says: "Hi. So how are you doing? Glass of champagne?" I show him a naughty smile. " Yes, that would be yummy."