Mature diva

Mature Diva
An alluring tale from the imagination of M.
It's already September; this may be one of the last nice summer evenings. My whole body tingles with excitement at the prospect of an intoxicating evening. A friend invited me to accompany her to an erotic private party. It is still sunny and warm when we arrive at the beautiful, ultra-modern house, which is located a bit remote. Behind it we see a lovely garden with a large terrace.

The dress code for the ladies is Flowers & Bondage, and I quickly picked something spectacular in my favorite webshop a few days ago. I'm wearing the Cadi thong and the daring open bra from the Dia series by Bordelle, in mysterious black; my nipples are covered with rose-shaped pasties. I let myself be carried away in the opulent erotic atmosphere. I see men and women in tasteful sexy clothes and lingerie around me, hear the soft jazzy music, taste the deliciously cool cocktails. I soon lose sight of my girlfriend, catch a short glimpse of her, along with a beautiful dark-skinned man.
Then I suddenly see a striking, stylish woman who is clearly older than the other guests. It's hard to estimate her age. She is tall and still slender, with an elegant and tasteful appearance. She has a fashionable and sassy short white-blond haircut. Her somewhat sagging skin and her less toned figure betray her age, but it does not detract from her appearance. She is a gorgeous, sexy older woman. I realize she must be the owner of this beautiful and luxurious house.

She wears quite revealing lingerie in a striking combination: a bold Body Harness from Bordelle, in a deep dark red color, and a bralette made of a delicate, transparent fabric with dark red floral motifs. Romantic with a bondage twist... The beautiful lingerie adorns her mature body, showing her somewhat fuller hips and a pendulous bosom. She is not ashamed of her sagging buttocks and breasts, but shows them off. She is beyond all uncertainty about her body, and her sensual appearance commands admiration. Not just mine: she is the radiant center of this titillating evening.
I feel an arm around my waist and my friend kisses me on the cheek. She introduces me to her catch of the day: the handsome dark man I just saw her with. I know that later tonight she will take me aside and ask for my evaluation. They soon disappear together again. I look around and see that I am being watched; I seduce and flirt, glance at handsome men and sexy women, have stimulating conversations, dance a bit on my uncomfortably high heels.

The heat inside is a bit too much for me and I walk a little further onto the terrace to enjoy the fresh evening air. I have taken off my painfully high pumps and hold them in my hand. It's almost dark and I can feel it's starting to cool down. In the twilight I see a couple who, like me, have found a quieter place. They relax together on a lounger on the edge of the terrace, in the shelter of some tall bushes. The spot they have chosen is largely hidden from view. I'm about to back off to give the couple some privacy, when I suddenly recognize the older woman, along with a younger man. Surprised and fascinated, I stop to see more.
She lies comfortably on her side, with her back and buttocks against the naked body of the man behind her. His muscular loins make slow and rhythmic movements against her heaving buttocks, with a powerful hand he holds her half-raised leg. She enjoys with her eyes closed, supports her sagging breasts with one arm and holds them together. Her soft, shaking bosom and mature body seem to excite her younger lover immensely, his eyes greedily gazing as he takes her. It also excites me to see her like this, unashamedly enjoying eroticism and sex, with a younger man, without shame about her older body, her age. I let them make love together, discreetly make my way before they see me.

A little later that evening I run into her in the spacious living room. Her lovemaking seems to have been very satisfying: she radiates, seems to glow. An aura of pure femininity and sensuality surrounds her. She walks with a straight back, relaxed and elegant in her sexy high heels, proudly showing her mature, sagging breasts. She no longer wears the lace bralette. She looks at me mischievously, with a little smile on her face. "What a wonderful evening," she sighs blissfully. A young man in tight swimming shorts appears next to her. I recognize the man I saw her with shortly before, on the lounger. He hands her a Pornstar Martini. I reply, a little cheeky, that her night seems to be all about passion. She takes the glass, sips it.

She leans towards me, speaks softly in my ear, "I hope you enjoyed us, darling..."