Mirror, mirror ~ an erotic story by m.


About an hour til you get here. Enough time to think about how I will welcome you.

A beautiful lingerie ensemble is always a good idea and to your taste, but this time I am choosing something special. My Belle de Jour suspender dress: sleek, black and partly transparent. Slightly shaping, yet very sexy. I attach a pair of gorgeous sheer back-seamed stockings to the suspenders. A pair of black high heels gives me extra length. This is how you like to see my legs: sleek, sharply contoured, with a subtle sheen. The suspender dress is cupless, the front is completely open. I pick a black push up bra from Maison Close. I look at my silhouette in the full-length mirror. My buttocks and slim waist, my long legs. My bosom, round and raised.

The dress and the bra flatter my figure, but I'm still not completely satisfied. For what I intend to do with you, it's just a bit too clothed, too covered up. Too goody-goody…I hesitate for a moment, take off the bra again. The mirror shows my naked breasts; not very firm, but full and wonderfully soft. The strict, slim silhouette of the topless dress makes my natural curves stand out even more. I'm sure you will find it incredibly sexy just like that.

Now all I need is something alluring to embellish my cleavage. A striking necklace? I think for a moment, then I suddenly get an idea: my Vesper Vibrator. A modest metal rod, with an exhilarating little secret, on a beautiful golden necklace…I look in the mirror and see the metal shimmer in the curve between my breasts. This is exactly the kinky touch I was looking for.

You'll go wild when you see me like this. You won't be able to keep your hands off me, you'll want to feel my long stockinged legs, feel my buttocks under the tight, smooth fabric of my dress. And you'll quickly find out I am wearing nothing underneath. I can almost feel your hands gliding down my body, enjoying the fullness of my naked breasts. I am lusting for your strong body, the solid muscles of your stomach, your shoulders. Your long smooth back, into which I'll sink my freshly painted, sharp nails.

I inspect my mirror image again. You'll be surprised. Which will quickly turn to being very excited. You're so handsome when you're aroused. Gloriously big and hard. Eager, impatient.

With those thoughts, I am turning myself on already. I lift up my breasts, cupping my soft opulence, imagining them in your hands. I wrap my hand around the jewelry hanging against my bare skin between my breasts. It feels cool and smooth. My fingers find the subtle button on the side, after which it gently comes to life. I sit on the edge of the bed, across from the mirror. I slide up my tight dress, spread my long legs. I take of the necklace and let the cool metal rod dangle on its chain.I lower it between my thighs.

The first touch sends a shudder through my lower body. Immediately afterwards another. I close my eyes and think of you when you get here. You lying naked against me, letting me relish your fingers, your mouth. I clamp my thighs together, the vibrating jewel between them. In my mind I take your aroused manhood firmly between my soft loins. The utter pleasure is glowing and jolting throughout my body.

A little later I slip the necklace around my neck again, the shiny rod in the arch of my naked bosom. I look in the mirror one last time. As I straighten my dress and inspect my stockings, I hear the front door open. With anticipation and excited I walk into the living room to welcome you.


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest