Model for a day


Recently, I bumped into Raquel Ottens, a photographer I first met quite a while ago. We hadn't seen each other for over 5 years, so we had plenty of catching up to do.

I talked to her about Pleasurements and she talked to me about her photography. She told me she's become a specialist in boudoir photography and she tells about it with the greatest passion. I was very impressed with her story and with great enthusiasm I explored her portfolio: her pictures are absolutely stunning, intimate but very subtle and above all perfectly sensual. So I decided to experience a boudoir shoot MYSELF. Two months later, due to a hectic schedule and the excuse that I wanted to “work-out” some more first, the moment had finally arrived. I was warmly welcomed in her studio in the Hague, followed by a sumptuous massage, so I would be completely relaxed and lovely conversations while enjoying a bite to eat and a wee drink.

After my make-up was applied beautifully and I displayed my whole lingerie wardrobe (which is quite a lot, I might add! ;)), we commenced with The Shoot.

It takes a bit of time to get used to, usually I am backstage during shoots, but I was soon getting into the swing of things. This is so much fun! And I feel so at ease with Raquel.

The day flies by. The speed of Raquel's editing the pictures and sending them to me, is also phenomenally fast.

I am over the moon with the result. And very satisfied, I look back on a wonderful day. Thank you so much Raquel!

Photography: Raquel Ottens Styling: Bordelle by Pleasurements