Obey my demand, the ultimate combination of lingerie and fashion

Obey My Demand, the ultimate combination of lingerie and fashion
Luxury lingerie and bodywear brand Obey My Demand is coming to The Netherlands! Pleasurements is the first store in the whole world where you can buy the beautiful pieces made by Leanne Brooke. Obey My Demand is a label of forceful undergarments made in contrasting mesh, leather and silk chiffon that's made to be seen. Using the finest leather with luxurious silk and soft chiffon ruffles to create a statement that fuses together feminine sensuality with a hint of modern masculinity. Every piece is handmade and studded to perfection to give it that intimate touch. The OMD pieces immediately craves attention and demands to be seen, but of course, wearing something so strongly saucy hidden underneath your everyday clothes will give you a confidence that others can only wonder about... Online soon! (Please keep an eye on this blog)