Release- an erotic story by m.


When I enter the bathroom, you're in the shower.
We're going to have dinner with friends and as usual, we're a bit late. I hastily search for my lipstick.
You look at me from under the shower; I haven't dressed yet, I am just wearing lingerie.
Splashing and spluttering, you ask, "Are you wearing that tonight?"
I am wearing my new Frieda ensemble by Coco de Mer, in beautiful mysterious dark green: a beautiful lace balconette bra and a sexy thong.
"Don't you like it?"
"Yes, but you also have that other bra? And suspenders?"

You know that I will feel slightly uncomfortable when I wear very daring lingerie and suspenders under my clothing to a dinner party with friends.
It makes me more aware of my curves, my movements, the creeping-up of my skirt. And your eager looks. That's exactly why you find it so exciting when I do wear something like that.
I go back to the bedroom and get the matching suspender belt out; I choose a pair of beautiful thin stockings in a subtle, slightly darker skin tone. Not too striking, refined.
I swap the balconette bra for the bold Frieda open bra. With every movement of my upper body, I can feel my soft breasts swaying loosely. I know where you can't keep your eyes off of tonight.

Before I go back into the bathroom, I choose a pair of razor-sharp high heels, in a brown snake print that goes perfectly with the exotic dark green of my lingerie.
When I enter again I see your naked body, damp and steam still rising up from your physique; I see the muscles of your shoulders and arms tighten while you firmly dry yourself off.
Your gaze glides over my stockinged legs, beautifully tinted and gently shimmering; you admire my natural breasts, framed by beautiful dark green lace.
"Do you like this better?"
You say nothing, but I know that look in your eyes. Arousal. Desire. Lust. I take another step forward, pressing myself against your steaming body. A long kiss, warm and eager. I bite gently, teasingly.
Your hands find my breasts, enjoying my full softness. Deliciously kneading them as only you can.

Your warm erection presses against my tummy; I feel your excitement growing fast. You whisper in my ear that we still have time for a quick lovemaking sesh before we go out. But I don't want to now, I want you later tonight, when we get home and have plenty of time for each other. You produce a disappointed little sound.
I look at you from under my long lashes and say: "Turn around…"
I press myself against your muscular back, wrap my arms around you. My hands glide over your flat stomach, your six-pack. With both hands I grab a firm hold of your exquisite stiff penis and balls, then start making long, powerful motions. Slow but compelling, I am making your aroused manhood even bigger, even harder. Your breathing tells me that you are trying to hold back. You won't last long.
With one hand I grab the damp towel from the sink, press it against your abdomen. An elongated moan, an explosion, waves of pleasure, an almighty release, hot and masculine.

I hold on for a little while longer, letting you enjoy the moment. I whisper in your ear: "Tonight, when we get back home, it's my turn…" I gently bite your earlobe.


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