Revolutionary and extraordinarily sexy



Oh Boy! What a story!
…The story behind this lady, Gerda Wegener!
Maybe you've seen the movie, The Danish Girl, or read the book?
It's about Lili Elbe, born Einar Wegener, (1882-1931), a Danish painter of mainly landscapes and one of the first transsexuals who underwent a sex-change operation…

Her wife is Gerda Wegener, also a painter slash illustrator and she is the one who asked Lili (or at that time probably still called Einar) to pose as a female model because the woman who would be the model that day, didn't show up…
Dressed in ballerina costumes, satin and lace, he posed for his wife for over 25 years.
He finally gave in to his feeling that he really wanted to be that woman, the carefree Lili Elbe…

Gerda Wegener was a gifted painter and illustrator who drew Art Deco-style portraits of women dressed in lush gowns and interesting ensembles for fashion magazines.
In addition, you'll find many, naughty, saucy, erotic illustrations of her hand in her oeuvre.
Revolutionary and extraordinarily sexy, playful, very beautiful, erotic Art-Deco style images that would not look out of place in anyone's boudoir…


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