Be lushly transparent in a see-through dress


Show off your body

If you like sexy, have nothing to hide for your admirer(s), then you love a good dose of transparency.
But then in the unbelievably delicious literal sense of the word…you wear it, to show this sentiment gorgeously off.
Maybe by donning a fabulously provocative, blissfully translucent, see-through dress?
A transparent dress that covers your beautiful body, but does not hide anything of that sexy beauty underneath.
A see-through dress that only embraces your curves with a tantalizing touch…

The designer see-through dress

Sure, we don't just want just any random see-through dress, we want something with allure and a perfectly beautiful design…
Wouldn't you prefer a see-through dress from a designer lingerie brand or from a high-end erotic clothing designer?
Something with the right appeal, the most beautiful mesh, fiercely sexy & with the most luxurious finish.
Perhaps a smidge embroidered, or rather without, but in any case, this transparent dress of yours will exude luxury and will make your silhouette stand out most ravishing.

Designer lingerie brands such as Murmur, Maison Close & Erotic clothing from Patrice Catanzaro and Impudique by Catanzaro bring you just what you are lusting after…
These brands bring you a lush collection of long, short, embroidered, fully see-through dresses, or transparent dresses with see-through panels that emphasize the sexiest bits of your body.

We at Pleasurements understand very well that you have a designer see-through dress on your wish list, you know?
Pleasurements is only too happy to give you a lusty hand in also this titillating, very transparent area, with a gorgeous, luxurious see-through dress.
From a completely transparent dress to a see-through dress with beautiful embroidery.
From a long dress to a short one, but always with high-end, luxurious, sexy opulence…

versatility of a see-through dress

A sheer dress is super versatile.
You can, of course, wear it over your bare skin, or amp it up a sensual touch by wearing fabulicious erotic lingerie underneath, for a ravishing boudoir-worthy look…
Or maybe you want to make a more chic, but still sexy appearance at that party, then you can think of wearing a beautiful silk slip dress underneath a fully transparent dress that is just as long or short.

No matter how you wear it, you'll be sexy in all your transparency, because you have nothing to hide…
You show your beautiful curves and let them speak for themselves in an ultra-sensual way, your body exuding and oozing pure seductiveness…
Your silhouette will be gloriously grateful with a sublimely dreamy see-through dress


Images: Pleasurements