Sexy storytelling: domina


It's late in the evening and I'm in his apartment, alone. I had the key, allowing me to enter secretly. About half an hour ago I got his message, telling me he's on his way home. He'll be here soon. I've just taken a hot shower and my warm glowing body smells of seduction. As I slowly dress, the smooth black fabric caresses my soft skin.

First, I put on the faux leather Ornella skirt by Catanzaro, taut and stylish. It stretches tightly around my naked buttocks. I open the front zipper a bit further, exposing lots of leg, but no more. Not yet. Then the Model Traitor Ouvert Frame Cupless bra, which frames my bosom beautifully, showing it delightfully nude, soft, and natural. Finally, I choose the short lace top with long transparent sleeves by Jolidon. A gorgeous top covering only my arms and shoulders, and nothing else. I go to the semi-lit living room and sit down in the relaxing armchair. I cross my long, slender legs and wait.

The silence seems endless. I can hear the pounding of my heart, feel the growing tension in my belly. Then, all of a sudden, I hear the door, his slow footsteps. He stops, standing in the doorway to the living room. I can see his silhouette, his angular jaw. He looks surprised, with that naughty smile of his. Delighted.

I remain seated and look at him, defiant, haughty. I tell him to unbutton his shirt, slowly, so I can see clearly. His slender, muscular torso, his sixpack. Then the rest of his clothes: his pants, his underwear, until he is standing in front of me naked in the evening light. His beautiful penis is already big and hard with excitement - but I want to see more.

I tell him to grab his penis and balls tightly. I sit upright, showing him my loosely swaying breasts. I order him to satisfy himself slowly while I watch him. Obediently he does what I want. I can see he's getting even bigger, and even harder, very quickly. Seductively I lift my soft breasts, kneading them gently. I let him enjoy the view of my generous curves while I encourage him to continue. His hand slides up and down, faster and more powerful now.

Slowly I rise; I sway my hips as I walk around him on my stiletto heels while he masturbates. He tries to follow my movements, watches my long legs, my round ass in the tight skirt, my dangling breasts. I admire his tight buttocks, the smooth skin of his back, and his muscular shoulders. I stop in front of him, looking. Deliberately, I undo my tight skirt; with a bit of effort I let it slide down along my legs, and drop it onto the floor. His intense gaze follows every movement of my body. Except for the ultra-short lace top, the open bra, and my high heels, I am now naked.

His breath deepens and becomes heavier, and the effort makes his face strain. Right in front of him I turn a slow pirouette on my towering high heels. I bend over slightly, making sure he notices my deliciously full and heavy breasts. I can see it's almost too much for him to bear... I finally allow him to let himself go. With a deep, smothered sigh he squirts his excitement out into the dark room, powerfully, again and again, there seems to be no end to his ecstasy.

I lower myself into the comfortable armchair again. Slowly I spread my high-heeled legs, ever further. His manhood is now soft and exhausted, glistening with his juices. He will need some time to be able to become hard again. I beckon him to come closer, tell him to sit down on his knees. As his lips and tongue find the right spot, a shiver runs through my body. For a moment, my breath stops; I arch my back, claw my nails into the flesh of his shoulders. His hands firmly grip my hips, leaving me nowhere to go.

The muscles in his strong shoulders and back are rolling and straining under a glimmering layer of sweat. My lower body glows, my upper body twists and arches, my heaving breasts rise and fall with the rhythm of my breath as I let pleasure wash over me. I command him to go on, to give me more, everything... Suddenly it comes, and I scream with delight. Delicious waves flush through my entire body, tingling, dazing me.

A few moments later, when I've caught my breath, I see him standing in front of me naked. His manhood is proud and erect again, throbbing with lust. I sit upright and straighten my back, take a deep breath and push my bosom forward. My hands invitingly lift my luscious breasts, soft and full.

'Come...', I command him.