Summer in the city~ an erotic story by m.


We've been invited to a chic party on a large rooftop terrace tonight, high above the city. The evening air is sultry and fragrant, there's a cocktail bar, even a swimming pool, and an incredible view. Great music with an urban vibe. It feels outrageously decadent and at the same time wonderfully relaxed; I am enjoying it to the fullest and generously feast my eyes.

I see beautiful women in very expensive dresses, handsome men in tasteful casual clothes, well-fitting suits. You certainly fit in perfectly in those tight pants and that snowy-white shirt.
I am wearing a tight pencil skirt and a transparent Bare blouse, both by Murmur. Underneath I am wearing the Mysterious bra by Chantal Thomass, a vintage style balconette bra with a beautiful lace cleavage, and a matching high waist brief. Bold, sexy, yet dressed up and stylish. You really wanted me to wear this tonight. I feel your hand on my bum; you touch its curve underneath the tight fabric of my skirt, giving it a little squeeze. You're ever so proud when you know that I am being checked out, curious and admiring gazes from both men and women.

We walk to the edge of the terrace to enjoy the great view of the city. I walk cautiously, afraid that my twelve-centimeter-high heels will make pits in the wooden boards of the roof terrace. But I see that I am not the only woman wearing spectacular high stiletto heels. A bit further I notice a beautiful woman, tall and slender, on super high strappy heels. Her deep dark skin shimmers in the low sun. A striking appearance. You've seen her now too, you follow her movements. She's dressed in a long dress made of a very supple fabric, with a deep neckline that is cut to her waist.

I'm trying to catch your eye, I look at you a little punitive. But you know I don't mean anything with that. You know I'm just as impressed with her as you are. As she gets closer, my eyes veer to a gorgeous piece of jewelery she's wearing: a golden collar with delicate golden chains going down her plunging neckline, then they go under each curve of her breasts, where they disappear under the thin fabric of her dress. It emphasizes that she's not wearing anything underneath her dress, except for that golden piece of jewelry. Your attention is undoubtedly attracted by the movement of her naked breasts under the thin fabric. Now she's looking our way, sees your curious looks, and probably my transparent blouse and my impressive cleavage underneath.

Teasingly I softly say: "We could have a very exciting night together with her…" You smile, a bit like you've been caught out. Because that's exactly what you thought.
I imagine her supple, slender body without that dress, with only the sparkling golden jewel on her dark skin. Feline, gracious. Nice long legs, no doubt about that; probably modest but firm breasts. Very different from my softer, fuller chest. It makes me curious about her skin, her warmth, her scent. And about the skillfulness of her slender hands and fingers.
You would certainly want her to keep on her towering strappy heels, and I would keep my black stiletto heels on too. I know you get a kick out of that.
First we would explore, admire, enjoy. And then, if the physical click is there - which I actually no longer doubt - we would have wonderful sex.
I would watch while you would first take her slowly but with vigor, and then we would indulge you together, until you would be so aroused again so can give me a delectable climax.

When I look at you again, I can see from the look in your eyes that you're thinking the same. I wait for a moment, then suggest: "Shall I just go and ask her?"
I see your eyes getting bigger. You're flabbergasted, surprised, but you don't protest. I turn around, sashaying towards the beautiful dark lady.


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