Summerheat - an erotic story by m.


The first real summer day of the year is wonderfully warm and sunny; in the morning it still feels a bit fresh but the power of the sun warms up my skin quickly. I want to go outside and enjoy the sun. Apparently, my neighbor at the back of the building - the handsome 'voyeur' - has the same idea. He sent me an app just a moment ago, suggested to take me out for a cappuccino, on the little terrace at the coffee house nearby.

A cappuccino on a terrace: an innocent proposal, but I still feel slightly excited.

I wear a striking wide skirt, a thin blouse. Graceful, airy, summery. Of course with something beautiful underneath. Something naughty. A bit for him, but also for myself. Exciting, enticing lingerie makes me feel sexy, strong and seductive…I am wearing my red Clea Cage bra; this strappy open bra makes me feel wonderfully exposed, but still gives me a well-filled cleavage. Because he's a 'leg man', I wear a pair of beautiful, wispy-thin stockings, almost invisible. I attach them to the Clea Harness suspender, with its stunning red strap and collar around my neck and taut straps over my buttocks, like a cheeky open slip. And in addition, to complete the look on this first summer day, bright red high heels.

He is already there, sitting in an ideal spot in the morning sun. He stands up, kisses me on both cheeks, compliments my skirt. Immediately I feel the sexual tension again. He himself wears a nicely cut shirt, casual but tasteful. Good tight jeans to go with it. We order a cappuccino. In the meantime, I see him looking at my legs, my skirt, my cleavage. He is probably trying to guess what I am wearing underneath my blouse. Let him look and guess. I show a lot of leg, enjoy his admiring glances. The sun and the fresh air tingle on my skin, making me feel light and flirty. His muscular forearms, tight jeans and low voice turn me on.

While we talk, I think of his hands gliding over my legs, my thin stockings, softly crackling. His hands discovering the straps of my suspender. His eyes wide as I unbutton my thin blouse, revealing my bold, sexy Cage bra. I hold my breath as I slowly push the red strappy cups down and to the side and free my breasts. He lifts them up high, enjoying my soft fullness, eagerly, with both hands, with warm lips. Then I feel his fingers slide down the tight red strap over my tushy, teasingly, cheekily. They explore my unexpected nudity down there. My femininity filling up his hand, a warm glow in my lower body.

I want him, want to see and feel his hands, his body, his excitement. My hands find his manhood, superbly stiff and warm, my lips and tongue make his member grow even further, let him gasp for ecstasy, and then I want to feel it inside of me, big and hard, my long stockinged legs clenching around his hips not letting go of him until he gives me what I want, once, twice, and again, until my lust is fully satisfied, with the heat, with him.

Do you want another cappuccino, he asks. He looks at me investigatively. I vaguely realize that he has already repeated that question.
"No," I say with confidence. I shift a little, crossing my legs. His gaze glides from my high stiletto heel up my leg, to my thigh, his eyes stop at the golden clip of my suspender.
"I have a better idea …"


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