Sweet torture- an erotic story by m.


In front of me is a luscious dark brown box with a pink ribbon-laced lid. So delighted to get an unexpected present. Especially this kind of gift.
It betrays what's been going on in your head the past few days, what titillating thoughts and fantasies you've had.
I fold the lid to the side and see beautiful brown wrapping paper. I open it with intense curiosity.

I see red straps, metal rings and clasps. I notice red leather. Excited, I take it out of the box: a beautiful red cage open bra by from Fraulein Kink. With matching suspenders.
Red pasties, attached to each other with an elegant, fine golden chain. And stockings, lovely nude stockings with a striking red back seam.
Finally, as a kinky bonus, a short leather whip, as red as the lingerie. Hmm...you must have had pretty lewd fantasies these past few days!

When I enter the bedroom a little later, all dolled up in my new outfit, you're only wearing a pair of tight-fitting boxer shorts.
I parade back and forth. Tapping the red leather whip on the side of my leg. I am almost naked, it is more like embellished than dressed, with leather straps, metal rings and buckles.
The narrow straps of the suspenders stretch over my round hips and buttocks. My long legs are stunning: the matt sheen of the stockings, the provocative red back seams, 5 inch stiletto heels.
You're taking it all in. Gazing at my legs, my soft, natural breasts. The pasties, the fine metal chains that freely rock back and forth with every motion of my upper body.
To my freshly shaved vulva.

I see that you're getting very excited. I notice you're getting horny. Lusting for me.
The short leather whip glides over your tight boxer. I push it under your balls. Now I have your full attention.
"Off with it…" I command. With both hands you let your boxer slide down; you hastily kick them aside.
I push the short whip firmly underneath your delicate parts, then I let it glide over your naked erection. Teasingly, I give your gorgeous stiff penis a flick with the whip.
Again, a little harder now. And again.

You can no longer control your excitement. Your hands are everywhere, all over my body, my breasts, hips, buttocks. Your lips in my neck.
But I push you back, until you're on the edge of the bed, and I throw you a punishing glance.
I place a knee next to your thigh; your hand gently glides over my smooth stocking, feeling the tight straps of my suspenders.
Your fingers are moving up, now touching my most sensitive place. A tingling of utter pleasure gushes through my body.
While we kiss, I give your aroused manhood, slow, sweet torture with the short whip.

Then I put the red leather whip between my breasts and push them together with my arms. The tip just showing above my soft mounds.
I notice that you're getting the hint.
I sit on my knees between your legs and surround your beautiful erection with my soft opulent bosom.
The red whip falls on the ground between us.
It'll probably still come in handy, tonight…


Images: Pleasurements & Pinterest