The dress - an erotic story by m.


I am standing in my walk-in closet, between my skirts, dresses, my drawers filled with luxurious lingerie.
I just showered; later, we'll be going to a party at good friends of ours. I am really looking forward to it.
You love showing me off when I am wearing sexy clothes with something beautiful underneath, and when I wearing my high heels.
As if I am your trophy wife.
But...what do I wear tonight?

Your latest gift is hanging in front of me: the beautiful Shade dress by Murmur. Black, tight and transparent. You love that.
Actually, I think the dress is too beautiful to only wear indoors. I would like to wear it on a night out too.
But the thin transparant fabric of the dress is pretty revealing.
Maybe I could wear it if I dress it up with something beautiful underneath to cover just enough and still remain very stylish and sexy.

For example, my Angela dress by Bordelle...with a pair of lovely stockings, killer heels...gorgeously dressed, very striking, phenomenally feminine. That could just be spectacular!
Or what about the Caviar halter bra by Pleasurements, with a matching thong...for a sexy lingerie look?
Maybe something even more daring? I feel a tingle of excitement.

I put on the Spanking girdle by The Model Traitor, with the matching Ouvert Frame bra. Followed by the Shade dress and my black high heels.
The thin transparent fabric shows off a lot, nice and taut around my naked butt and breasts.
The combination is absolutely fab: elegant, feminine, sexy-chic...but too exposed, too provocative for a night out.

I hear a sound behind me. You just came out the shower. You are naked, with only a white towel around your waist.
Elated, entranced, you look at me.

Teasingly, provocatively I ask: "Do you think I can wear this tonight...?"
You look at me incredulously, then smile and say: "Looks absolutely great to me..."
I sway back and forth in front of the mirror a little.
You stand behind me, put your hands on my bum. Gliding them up over the thin fabric of the dress, stopping right under my breasts.
"Mmmm...that looks so ravishing on you."
I turn around. With one single move I jerk the towel away from your warm, damp body.
My hand wanders down, my fingertips, my sharp nails, teasingly caressing your rapidly growing shaft, I venture down even further, to the delicate, vulnerability below.
I take your balls in my hand, just a little too firm. I feel that you feel thát.

We kiss, long, warm, divine. Your hands examine the curves of my bum, the hollow of my back, the softness of my full breasts.
I strengthen my grip on your delicate parts, knead them, and hear you moan softly.

I sink to my knees, take you in my mouth. You're so hard and big now...My lips, my tongue, my hands spoil you.
Deeper, harder; with rhythm, forcefully, I rev up your pleasure. Until I feel that you can't hold back much longer.
With both hands I lift my breasts, press the smooth, taut transparent fabric against your gloriously erect penis.
I surround you with my soft, lavish forms, caress you, until you utter a loud moan.
Then, in waves, you release your flow of lust.

I get up and kiss you. With utter admiration your eyes wander to my curves.
"We have to hurry up now, I see."
Smiling, I turn around. "I better put on something different afterall, darling..."


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements