The extra pleasure of gifting at pleasurements

The Extra Pleasure of Gifting at Pleasurements

Every purchase at Pleasurements is not just a transaction—it's a story. It’s an eloquent narrative about cherishing moments, indulging oneself, and appreciating loved ones.
Unwrap the Special Treat
To mark the essence of celebration that every purchase embodies, we’re excited to announce a special token of our gratitude. With each purchase, you are not just investing in premium quality and luxury but also welcoming home an additional surprise gift, offered by us - and indeed, with utmost pleasure!
Your Purchase, Your Choice of Gift
Simply choose your desired gift from our premium Pleasurements Private Label collection, tailored to your chosen size and style. This flexibility means you can either indulge yourself or elevate someone else’s day with a luxury token. Here’s the golden touch: once your shopping cart reaches the €500 threshold (not counting the Pleasurements Private Label item), the price of your selected Pleasurements gift will automatically reduce during the checkout process. It's our way of ensuring you experience luxury without the added stress.
Limited Stock Alert!
A gentle reminder - as with all luxury offerings, the stock of our complimentary gifts is limited. It’s always best to act swiftly to ensure you don’t miss out. Once you’ve made your choice and added it to your cart, the discount will automatically reflect during the check-out process, making it a hassle-free experience.
In conclusion, at Pleasurements, every purchase is a celebration, a narrative of love, luxury, and gratitude. And now, with an extra gift on offer, the tale just got a bit more enchanting. Do drop by online or in-store, and let's celebrate the joy of gifting together.