The killing kittens phenomenom


Killing Kittens

All femme phenomenons, single women, couples, foxes, kittens but also Tomcat-gents…we're talking sexual liberation here.
Killing Kittens, founded by the amazing Emma Sayle in 2005, is there to help to make you feel in control and to have you exploring your sexuality in a safe environment.
Workshops, exclusive hedonistic parties & events, anything with a full focus on the pursuit of female pleasure in the most sensual sense of the word.

Designed with women at the forefront, Killing Kittens even have an App; The ultimate social platform to make romantic and social connections between men, women and couples. Like, match, chat, invite, share and order your tickets…there's a lot to get your kitten-claws into!

And just have a look at Killing Kittens' jampacked agenda of ooh-la-la events, swanky hedonistic parties and va-va-va-voem workshops, they're having such a stunningly chic, upper class, sassy, empowering impact on the whole world.
Masked parties- Eyes wide shut style- for example, so get out your finest cocktail dresses, suits, erotic lingerie and masks…
Shibari, self-pleasure, bondage/BDSM/domming workshops, there is so much to enjoy and probe…all at your fingertips or kitty-paws when you sign up.

Yes, the rule is that Toms can only come to a party when they've been invited by women.
And at any of their exclusive parties, it's the women who approach the men, this keeps their kitties safe, in control and empowers them to a level of sexual confidence like no other. As much as we absolutely lust after you men, you're the guest in this new femme-tastic world.

We rule the world now, cause the rules have changed thanks to Killing Kittens!
This is exactly the right time, especially for women to stand up and be counted as a sexual power to be reckoned with.
With everything Killing Kittens organize, create, write, express, they always have female empowerment in the spotlight with chic, sexy & classy panache…

Kitties, straighten you whiskers, get out your claws and sink them into this femme-verse called Killing Kittens


Images: Killing Kittens