Three - an erotic story by m.


How did the idea came to my mind?
It was during a lunch with a girlfriend.
She recently became single again; we discussed relationships, men and great sex.
I told her that you admitted to me that you think she's a very beautiful woman.
Stylish, feminine, sexy. A beautiful, voluptuous woman with delicious curves.
I noticed that the compliment did her well. She laughed and suggested to borrow you of me one time.
I laughed. And spontaneously made her a counter proposal.
That's how it went.

Tonight I invited her to come and have dinner with us.
But I didn't tell you what the plan was that she and I came up with.
She looks great tonight. Her tight dress and high heels look so good on her, showing off her beautiful full figure perfectly.
I notice that you're very impressed with her.
Just like me.

We had a delicious dinner, you had prepared something very special again. Afterwards we're enjoying another lovely glass of wine.
Time for our plan. A flurry of excitement rushes through my body.
I look at her; she nods. We both get up.
Surprised, you look at us.

My hands search for the zipper on the back of her dress. I loosen the zipper and the dress glides down to her hips.
She wears lingerie that makes her curves look spectacular.
The sexy Aurora bra from Harlow & Fox can barely control her cleavage and the matching suspenders emphasize her full hips.
Mesmerized, you gaze our way from the couch. Motionless. Speechless.
She helps me take off my blouse and then my skirt.
I only wear a spicy playsuit from Couture de Nuit and a nice pair of stay-ups.
Yo're still watching us, amused now, and clearly excited.
I put my hands on her hips, kiss her on her lips. A long, hot kiss.
Then we both look your way.

A few moments later we are all lying on the thick, soft carpet.
We discover each other's body, known and unknown, first carefully, gradually becoming more relaxed.
We search, feel, with hands, mouths, bare skin.
I feel soft, full curves; a hand with hard, sharp nails scratching my bumcheeks.
I loosen her bra so you can admire and caress her delectable, weighty breasts.
I see a graceful high heel, the curve of your back, a smooth stocking.
Her head disappears between my legs; I lose control of my breathing and surrender to pleasure.

Lying on her stomach, she spreads her creamy thighs to receive you.
You are aroused, eager, you want her. But you hesitate, you look for my eyes.
I look at you, at your powerful, naked body. Your muscular shoulders, your tight buttocks.
And your handsome, hard, throbbing penis.
I nod, encourage you to make the next move.
Fascinated, I watch as your strong hands sink into the soft opulence of her buttocks and your hard manhood takes possession of her beautiful full body.


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